New Testament Who's Who

by Richard J. Allen

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Product Description

Enhance your gospel study with this incredible new resource that provides an encyclopedia-like portrayal of every person found in the New Testament. In this beautifully illustrated volume, more than 85 color images enhance hundreds of fascinating entries about individuals, prominent and little known, righteous and unrighteous. Each listing is complete with a description of the person, his or her historical context, and a summary of the key contributions of his or her life.

Gleaned from a lifetime of intensive study and instruction, bestselling author and gospel scholar Richard J. Allen has created a useful tool filled with rich entries that bring the ancient world of the New Testament to vibrant life.

Whether you're an instructor or student of the scriptures, New Testament Who's Who is a must-have for every LDS family and will be an essential part of your scripture study.

About the Author

Richard J. Allen

Richard J. Allen is a husband, father, teacher, and writer. He has served on several high councils, in several stake presidencies, and as a bishop. Richard's teaching assignments in the Church have included service as a full-time missionary, instructor in various priesthood quorums, Gospel Doctrine teacher, and stake institute director. He has served as a faculty member at both Brigham Young University and the Johns Hopkins University. Richard has coauthored many articles, manuals, and books and has served on a number of national educational boards. He and his wife, Carol Lynn Hansen Allen, have four children and five grandchildren.

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