The Newport Ladies Book Club: Athena

by Heather B. Moore

The Newport Ladies Book Club: Athena

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Self-proclaimed bachelorette Athena Di Jasper is at the top of her game. Her online magazine is thriving, and she's in a comfortably static relationship, free of the kind of commitment that could lead to marriage—she's seen her parents' rocky union, and it's not for her. When her on-again, off-again boyfriend Karl wants to move their relationship to the next commitment level, Athena's obvious dismay leads him to challenge her workaholic tendencies. His accusation is true: she hasn't even paused to read a novel in years. Determined to prove Karl wrong, Athena takes a break from her hectic schedule to peruse a used bookstore, where she meets Grey, the intriguing—and single—propietor. Her quest for change and her desire to see more of Grey leads Athena to stray from her to-do list and join the Newport Ladies Book Club.

When Athena's world is turned upside down by a family tragedy, she's left to care for her terminally ill father. Juggling the demands of attending to an ailing parent and running her business, Athena comes to value the friendships of the book-club members, and she find herself relying more and more on Grey's support. When she stumbles across an old shoebox in her mother's closet, she's stunned by its contents, which hold unexpected truths about her parents' relationship. As Athena delves into a past that defies her judgment about her parents' marriage, she is forced to reevaluate her views on life and love.

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It was so great, I couldn't put it down!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I have been reading this series of books. Athena is the 4th one in the series. I've been interested in the way that each character comes together once a month, but they each have a whole seperate life full of stories for the other 29 days of the month. Athena was no different. I started reading it on Monday morning. I couldn't put it down. I still took care of my 6 kids and did everything I HAD to do, but every second of free time I read. I stayed up till midnight and finished the book. It was just a fun & intriguing read. HB Moore has a way of writing the inner thoughts of her character and saying things that I think but can't put on paper. And it helps me learn more about my own self and articulate feelings that I can't usually explain. It was a fun and interesting and a touching book for me to read. A total page turner!

The book club is complete!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book was even better than I expected! It completed the series perfectly. At first I didn't see how I could relate to this character, but I found that her insecurities and efforts to cope really reached out to me. I feel like the ladies in the book club are my friends. Now that I read the complete series, I can't wait to read them again... and read the characters' book club books along with them!

A Thoughtful Romance
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Athena, by Heather B. Moore, is a thoughtful romance. Its heroine, a thirty year old woman entrepreneur has a policy of “non-entanglement” with past boyfriends. Athena does not intend to let any man dictate how she will live her life. She has perceived that her mother lives under her father’s thumb, and does not intend to live that way herself. During the course of the story, most of her perceptions undergo a kaleidoscopic shift, as she learns previously undiscovered truths about her father, her mother, and Grey, the man she has fallen in love with.
This story is a change for Moore, her first full-length contemporary novel, and she does a superlative job. Athena is a beautifully rounded character. I was drawn to her with such force that I wanted to read the book all at one sitting. Unlike heroines of most romances, she is multi-dimensional and she changes and develops in meaningful ways by pursuing paths that are not necessarily comfortable for her. She is always being surprised by life. I feel as though I have made a new friend, and I was very sorry when the book was over. I continue to think about Athena and the choices she made. To me, that is the very best sign of a well-written novel. I hope, were I in her position, that I would make the brave choices Athena made.

About the Author

Heather B. Moore

HEATHER B. MOORE is the two-time Best of State and two-time Whitney Award winner for her historical fiction, the most recent being Esther the Queen. She is also the author of the nonfiction inspirational book Women of the Book of Mormon and the coauthor of Christ's Gifts to Women with Angela Eschler. Heather is a columnist for Meridian Magazine on LDS topics.

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