The Newport Ladies Book Club: Daisy

by Josi S. Kilpack

The Newport Ladies Book Club: Daisy

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Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. And no one knows that better than Daisy. Raising two kids as a divorced, single mom, Daisy has faced each and every one of the obstacles in her life with courage and determination.

Now with her oldest daughter ready to have a baby of her own, her youngest daughter ready to graduate from high school, and her new husband, Paul, ready to embrace the life of an empty-nester, Daisy feels like she might finally be able to check "motherhood" off her list of things to do.

Except life often has a mind of its own. When, at the age of forty-six, Daisy suddenly finds herself facing a very different future than the one she had planned—and an uncomfortable evaluation of the past she thought she understood—she realizes that there is still some growing up she needs to do.

Looking for a distraction to escape the growing tension at home, Daisy joins the Newport Ladies Book Club, where she meets Paige, Athena, and Olivia—unlikely friends who offer encouragement and support when Daisy's perfectly crafted life is turned upside-down.

Daisy is one of four stand-alone books, by four different authors, in the Newport Ladies Book Club series. Readers will be able to participate in a virtual book club that features recommendations and discussion guides.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

"Motherhood is not for the faint of heart" starts off the backliner on DAISY. This novel is about so much more than motherhood, womanhood, wifehood, and friendship. It's a remarkable journey of a woman who is given a second chance--even though she doesn't know at first if she wants it. With things getting more and more complicated at home, she looks for something to do other than work and be a mom, so she joins a book club, hoping that she can have at least one thing that's sane and normal in her life. When Daisy first meets the women at the book club, she doesn't think she has much in common with them, but she soon learns that the differences bring them closer together. And Daisy is able to make some of the most important decisions of her life with their encouragement and support.

A wonderful read by talented author, Josi Kilpack, who I believe is a master at characterization.

DAISY is part of The Newport Ladies Book Club series. A 4-book series written by 4 authors.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Daisy is looking forward to being able to check off the motherhood box on her lifetime-things-to-do list. When she discovers she's not as close to being an empty nester as she had hoped, she also discovers that what she thought was life playing a cruel trick on her was really life offering her a second chance.

Daisy joins a local book club with the hope that she can keep one part of her life normal. Through the friendships she cultivates with these women, she's able to uncover pieces of herself that she'd forgotten existed. Those pieces are exactly what she needs to have the strength to make the hard choices ahead of her.

Daisy is a beautiful story of relationships, true friendship, and hard choices. It's a parallel novel to other books in the Newport Ladies Book Club series.

Good friends and Good books go hand in hand
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I swallowed this book whole. After reading Olivia I had a clue what Daisy was going to experience and after meeting her in the other book I needed to join Daisy on her journey. She faced things I pray I never experience in my life, but feel I'm a better person for reading this book. I hope when other members of my church make choices that are different than what I'm taught I don't make them feel less of a person for their actions. Everyone needs a friend.

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Josi S. Kilpack

JOSI S. KILPACK published her first novel in 2000. Her seventh novel, Sheep's Clothing, won the 2007 Whitney Award for Mystery/Suspense—several others have been finalists in subsequent years. She was also the Best of State winner for fiction in Utah 2012. She has written twenty-two novels, including the twelve-volume Sadie Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery Series. Josi currently lives in Willard, Utah. For more information about Josi, you can visit her website at

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