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A winner in every way!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I just finished reading Trent Toone’s book about Eric Weddle. Awesome! I am not much of a football fan and I am not usually drawn to sports books, but this one totally sucked me in. Eric's story, his life, his conversion and his commitment to the Gospel touched me. I love the way he keeps "proving people wrong." Toone’s writing went below the surface. I have read other biographies that never go deeper than telling what happened. This one also gave me the whys and the hows. There was not one place where Toone lost me. I stayed with him for the whole ride. I loved the chapter titles and headings. How do you not want to read "Fear the 'Washing Machine'" and "The Punk Freshman" and "A Spiritual Edge"? I loved headings like "The Girl with Long, Curly Hair" and "A Coup for the U" and "The Cherry on Top." I came to admire Eric Weddle, but I also loved learning about his wife, Chanel. I can see the positive influence she is in his life, but Toone also shared enough of her own life, success, and passions that I felt like I knew her. I am glad their positive examples and messages are out there for the world to see. Read this book! I promise that if you find no excuses, you will have no regrets!

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I am not what you would call a "sports fan." And I will be honest...some of the football terms in this book went over my head.

But with that said...
I LOVED this book!
I LOVED the story of Eric and the trials he overcame and the determination he has...a man who gives it his all!

Every day I would say to my husband, who is a sports fan, did you know this about Eric? I am SO impressed by Eric! Let me tell you what Eric did!

I even found myself thinking...that's how I do things...give it my all...( be a great as him...maybe someday... :)

There is so much to learn from this much to much to much to help you strive to be a better person.

And the author tells it so well...don't miss out on reading this book!

A great "guy" book!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I'm not a fan of the University of Utah (I’m a Weber State guy!) or of the San Diego Chargers (Go Broncos!) So, I didn't get this book because of my interest in Eric Weddle, the NFL, or the Utes. I was given "No Excuses, No Regrets" as a gift because I read a lot of biographies. It's my thing.

For me, one of the things a good biography must have (other than being a well told story) are descriptions of true personal character. I look for character-defining moments to discover how a person acts when nobody is looking. This book offers many examples of Eric Weddle's true character.

"No Excuses, No Regrets" starts by telling the story of a typical athlete who excelled in high school sports. After a baseball accident, he focused his time on football. Although he was blessed with above average skill, because of his lack of size and quickness he didn't stand out for the college recruiting experts. He was overlooked by the Pac-10 schools, and were it not for the dedication and effort made by his high school coach, he would have ended up at a Division II or III school.

Why would a high school coach go to great lengths to promote this kid? Because Eric was very different. He was not just a talented athlete, but he possessed the "intangibles" not often seen, even among elite athletes. Eric compensated for his lack of physical prowess with an uncanny determination to prepare mentally. Yes, he did get himself prepared physically, but he was different in how he learned to study his opponents. He spent extra time studying film, just to know his opponents tendencies, strengths, habits, and preferences. Because of that study and preparation, he developed an ability to make plays on the field. He developed a knack for being at the right place at the right time. His study and preparation was the differentiator that resulted in his outstanding play.

As a convert to the church, he has been true to his faith, learning line upon line, precept upon precept. He realized the importance of attending Sacrament meeting, even though he was traveling with the team. He developed a testimony of tithing, even though the first time he wrote the check, it was a significant amount of money that gave him pause. His act of faith was rewarded, and he has never regretted it, and is grateful for blessings of paying tithing. At each step of his professional and spiritual development, Eric is “all in” and never pursues any task with trepidation. These lessons are important to learn, and are easily applicable to my life.

This is not your typical biography about a kid who made it good despite the obstacles. This is an intriguing look at a young man who is humble, yet quietly confident. He is capable of assessing his own his own shortcomings (whether on the field or off) and making appropriate changes to improve. His devotion to his faith motivates much of what he does and how he acts.

The Eric Weddle Story is a good read. I really liked it. It’s not preachy or sugar-coated, but offers some wonderful insights into being LDS and thriving in professional sports. I found this book pleasantly accessible and entertaining. Even BYU fans will enjoy reading about this Ute who is one of the truly good guys in pro sports.

Despite a few minor issues with editing, “No Excuses, No Regrets” is well written, and has my overall strong recommendation.