But Now I See

by Kris Belcher

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As a young wife with two small sons, Kristin Warner Belcher was stricken with radiation-induced cancer, an illness brought about by lifesaving treatment she received as an infant for bilateral retinoblastoma. Five major surgeries within the space of five months left her physically and emotionally devastated — and completely blind. During that time, she discovered moments of spiritual strengthening that became holy places in her life — places of hope and healing. In this talk based on her book Hard Times and Holy Places, Kris shares compelling insights about finding hope in the midst of heartbreak and tragedy.

About the Author

Kris Belcher

Courage, perseverance, faith, and humor are the themes of Kris Belcher’s life. Left completely blind and emotionally shattered in 2003 from her second battle with cancer, Kris was unsure how to go on. She has since grown accustomed to life in the dark, but could do without the bumps and bruises that accompany blindness. Kris is contemplating full-body armor as a safety precaution. Kris grew up in northern California until she attended Brigham Young University, graduating in Therapeutic Recreation. Kris served a mission in the Kentucky Louisville Mission. She and her husband, James, have two boys, and live in Lehi, Utah. They own a flower shop, and Kris is the delivery driver—well, not really. She leaves the driving to professionals who don’t need a cane. Giving hope to others who struggle in life has been Kris’s motivation to write and speak; she has shared her story and laughed with audiences throughout the United States and Canada.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is just a wonderful talk. She is sweet and funny and amazing. I won't ever forget some of the things she went through and how she was able to learn perspective. I am having my family listen to it on the way to and from church.

funny and inspiring!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I actually laughed out loud as i was listening to Kristi's stories. Very Funny and at the same time very inspirational and motivational to hear about all the difficulties and challenges she has faced and continues to face.

Absolutely loved it!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I'm very grateful to Kristin for sharing her life with us. She has had many challenges in her life that she has been able to overcome by finding "sacred places" and giving her life to our "Savior". We have had many trying times in our lives recently and her advice and inspiration has helped in many ways. I've listened to her CD three times already and each time I have been able to glean more from it. I am now finding my own "sacred places" and understand better what it means to give our lives over to our Savior.

Inspiration and Humor
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Kristin Warner Belcher's story is inspirational, humorous, and real. She talks about the hard times including her sadness and depression - but also includes how looking to the Savior helped her cope with that. I loved that she was able to tell her experience and admit to all the human emotions that anyone would have had in this situation. No fake "Pollyanna" expressions here - but deep felt gratitude to the Savior and lessons learned. It made me think about the "Holy Places" in my own life and how I could "see" more clearly.

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