O Ye That Embark 2015 Youth Theme Necklace

by Doodle Beads

  • Embark in the service   ship necklace mj92
  • Embark in the service   ship necklace
Embark in the service   ship necklace mj92

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This necklace features a dainty silver ship or boat encircled with a silver 3/4″ infinity circle, Silver 16″ cable chain (with a 1″ extender). This necklace serves as a simple reminder to any Young Women to Embark in the service of God.

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Doodle Beads

Doodle Beads is a friendly company… literally! Doodle Beads was founded in 2009 and owned by two good friends. We like to think that we extend that friendship out to all those we work with, customers and suppliers alike. Located in Boise, ID, we love things that bring good feelings to our hearts and our goal is to bring that same good feeling to our customers. Most of our products are handmade by us.

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