Offenders for a Word: How Anti-Mormons Play Word Games to Attack the Latter-day Saints

by Stephen D. Ricks, Daniel C. Peterson, The Neal A. Maxwell Institute at BYU

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Product Description

This book reveals the tactics many anti-Mormons employ in attacking the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In clear, straightforward terms, the authors explain the true beliefs of the church and how to see through the word games that critics use to attack it. Offenders for a Word answers critics' objections to Latter-day Saint beliefs regarding the Godhead, polygamy, salvation by grace and works, eternal progression, the premortal existence, the role of the Prophet Joseph Smith, the nature of the Holy Ghost, and much more.

About the Authors

Stephen D. Ricks

No biography available

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Daniel C. Peterson

DANIEL C. PETERSON received a bachelor's degree in Greek and philosophy from BYU and his Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures from UCLA. He is a professor of Islamic Studies and Arabic at BYU, founder of METI (Middle Eastern Texts Initiative), and the editor of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture. He and his wife, Deborah, are the parents of three sons.

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The Neal A. Maxwell Institute at BYU

The Maxwell Institute both gathers and nurtures disciple-scholars. As a research community, the Institute supports scholars whose work inspires and fortifies Latter-day Saints in their testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and engages the world of religious ideas.

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