The One Thing We All Need

by Carolyn J. Rasmus

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Do you ever feel inadequate? Do your inadequacies leave you depressed? Are you saddened and disheartened by your challenges and the disappointments of your life?

In this optimistic and encouraging talk on CD, Carolyn Rasmus describes some of the doubts and fears she has experienced, then explains how she successfully confronted and allows us to access sufficient love, grace, power, and strength to replace doubt and fear with certainty and hope.

Citing examples from the scriptures as a convert to the Church and comforting teachings of President Gordon B Hinckley, Sister Rasmus explains how faith makes it possible to find the peace success and happiness the Father and the Son desire for us. She also bears stirring testimony that faith in Jesus Christ is the one thing we all need, and the thing that allows us to reach our full spiritual potential and serve him effectively.

About the Author

Carolyn J. Rasmus

Carolyn J. Rasmus is a teacher by training. Born and raised in Ohio, she has taught on Long Island, New York; at Iowa State University; and at Brigham Young University, where she became acquainted with and joined the Church. After receiving her doctorate degree at Brigham Young University, she became a full professor and also served as administrative assistant to Presidents Dallin H. Oaks and Jeffrey R. Holland. She served in a similar position to the Young Women general presidency. She concluded her professional career teaching at the Orem Institute of Religion. Carolyn is currently serving on the Sunday School general board and also as a member of the board of directors of Deseret Book Company. She enjoys being with people, having opportunities to serve, and modeling her ever-increasing hat collection. She has a cabin in the woods, a four-wheeler, and is just waiting for a time when she can “let loose.”

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