Onward Alone

by Caroline Prohosky


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Following their wrenching exile from Nauvoo, a devoted community of Latter-day Saints gathered on the plains of Nebraska in the summer of 1846. Yet as they began to construct temporary settlements, five hundred men were called away to march into battle— leaving wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters at the mercy of the elements of nature and the kindness of neighbors and giving them reason to put their trust in the Lord. The severe perils of the Mormon Battalion soldiers have been well documented, but little has been said of their families, whose struggles and triumphs were equally compelling. This book, along with the included DVD, introduces readers to the women who remained on the untamed prairie, with brief biographies emphasizing the distinctive events that individualized each woman and insights, scriptures, and poetry that enrich the historical accounts. These little-known stories will delight and enlighten as you come to know an extraordinary group of women who were left behind on the windswept plains yet faithfully traveled ahead on their spiritual journey to Zion.

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Caroline Prohosky

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