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For over 25 years, Ringmasters has provided the best in LDS jewelry and gifts. Our extensive line of CTR rings, necklaces, bracelets, young women jewelry, scripture cases, home décor, and many other products have inspired multiple generations of Latter-Day Saint families like yours. We are also the industry leaders in safety. Ringmasters is committed to providing high quality, reasonably priced and safe products for our customers. We are proud to say they are tested and certified. In short, when you purchase Ringmasters products, you get peace of mind from knowing they are safe and inspiration from the meaning and reminder that they provide.

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Represents me and my relationship with our Lord beautifully!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I've known of the church for nearly 9 yrs. but only became an LDS a week ago today. I celebrated by getting my coveted CTR ring, I'd always loved the message and believe even non-LDS should live by it. I live in Dominican Republic and was unknowing of all the varieties of CTR rings available, I was referred by a missionary friend when she showed me her baguette. That was the one I started out to get, even after seeing this one, yet I held back. I believe God had already picked this one out for me to celebrate my baptism but I did'n't know until 2 weeks later. As I looked at this one more, it grew on me; I had a dream of my baptism and knew it was time to order this ring. It fits my lifestyle and personality perfectly, I hadn't worn rings in ages, they were always difficult to get used to until this one. I picked it up yesterday from the carrier that brought it overseas for me and my missionary friend saw it today at my confirmation, she loved it and was so excited. Simple and beautiful!

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Here's the story I originally bought the Saturn CTR Ring, but it was on back order. I ordered it in January and by the time March rolled around, I still hadn't gotten it. So I got this ring as a 'replacement' until I got the original one I bought. Now I can't part with this one. I LOVE IT!!! I found out yesterday that the first ring I bought is finally being shipped to me and the first thing I thought was 'What?! But that means I can't wear this one!!' To sum this up, this was my first CTR ring ever! I'm not going to stop wearing it. When I bought my CTR ring, I wanted it to be special since it was my first one. It seems kind of ironic that the one I originally thought was going to be special, now has nothing compared to this one. I HIGHLY recommend this ring to everyone! I have never seen anyone else with this ring. And trust me, I've seen a LOT of people with rings. They always compliment me on this one!!!

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