Orson Pratt's Works

by Orson Pratt

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Orson Pratt served as the president of the British Mission in August 1848 and was then encouraged by Brigham Young to “print, publish and superintend the emigration.” He wrote sixteen pamphlets during the next few years, which were published and formed the basis of missionary efforts in Great Britain.

Early in 1851, this series of pamphlets were compiled into the book that eventually became known as Orson Pratt’s Works.

The pamphlets are entitled:

  • First Series
    • Divine Authority
    • The Kingdom of God – in four parts
    • Remarkable Visions
    • New Jerusalem
  • Second Series
    • Divine Authenticity of the Book of Mormon – in six parts
  • Third Series
    • Reply to a Pamphlet Printed in Glasgow
    • Absurdities of Immaterialism
    • Great First Cause

Orson Pratt’s Works was an extremely influential book, with the British Mission experiencing a surge in new members joining the church, many of whom learned the foundations of the gospel from his pamphlets.

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