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Great story and storyteller!
By , Submitted on 2019-03-16

Loved this book so much. Filled with the prospect of hope after great loss.

So many gems!
By , Submitted on 2018-06-02

There are so many gems in this book. Healing, history, finding yourself, and more!

The other side of the bridge
By , Submitted on 2018-05-01

I loved the story in this book. It was fantastic! However, I was very surprised that Deseret Book would sell a book with language in it. This is why I buy from Deseret Book. I usually don't have to worry about that. I was very disappointed. However, if bad language doesn't bother you, this is an amazing book. I loved the story! I learned a ton about the Golden Gate Bridge that I didn't know before. I loved how the two stories were woven together. I was very glad I listened to the audio book and didn't just read it. I think it might have been confusing at the first had I not done that. Thank you for writing such a good book, however, next time leave the language out!!!

Loved the Golden Gate History In This Book
By , Submitted on 2018-03-22

I was really looking forward to reading this book. The cover alone would make me pick up this book because I LOVE the Golden Gate Bridge. It is beautiful and because I grew up not too far from it, it speaks of home to me.

One thing I loved about this book was the bits of history it gave me about the bridge. It made me want to go find a book about the Golden Gate and read it myself. I love when books inspire me to know more about something or someone.

This book is basically two different stories in one. One is about Katie, the other about Dave. The two intersect toward the end but it wasn't in the way I was thinking it would be. The story itself is gentle and slow. There is nothing heart pounding or climactic about it, just two people dealing with different struggles in life, trying to find answers.

My favorite book by this author is The Rent Collector. I loved that book. I wouldn't say this book is better than that one, but it was still enjoyable. I think every person who reads it will find a bit of themselves in it.

Content: death, mild swearing, mention of affairs

- I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

Loved everything about this book, the plot, the characters...just read it!
By , Submitted on 2018-03-21

Wow, I've read some really great books lately! This is one of them. I loved everything about this book! Camron Wright is one of my very favorite authors. He has a way of making the characters in his books jump right off the page and seem so real.

This book starts with Katie. She's a bit of a mystery. From the first chapter, I wasn't quite sure what to think about her. You don't really have all of the pieces of who she is or why she's part of the story. But I liked it that way. I liked her inquisitiveness. She finds a journal and she becomes so obsessed with it that pretty much everything else in her life gets put on the back burner until she can figure out who the author of the journal is, where he came from and what happened to him.

Then there's Dave. I liked Dave from the first. He has a great family, a great life really, but he doesn't see it. At one point, he says to his wife that he's looking for something more. I loved her answer that "Watching my kids grow up, being there with them, with you - I'm living my dream." Dave thinks a lot about that during the rest of the book. I've thought a lot about it as well. I love what she says and I want that for my life as well. I liked watching Dave as he goes through hard things and learns from them. And how to move past them.

This book is interesting in that it has two almost completely separate plot lines. I loved the way that the author did that! It's not something you see very often. It really made this book have texture and depth that it wouldn't have otherwise had. The plot lines were both great for the two characters. And when the plots intersected, wow, magic! I loved the way the book ended, but I'd love to know what happens after the story ends as well!

The Other Side of the Bridge was an amazing novel of hope, healing, and second chances. I highly recommend this book!
By , Submitted on 2018-03-16

Reading The Other Side of the Bridge is more than just reading a book, it's an experience. Readers are quickly immersed into the lives of two different people, Dave Riley from New York City and Katie Connelly from San Francisco. I enjoyed how the story was told from the two different POV's and it was intriguing how the author slowly wove together their two paths.

Dave at the beginning is happy and successful in his life, but experiencing the often mid-life crisis that people go through in their 40's. He has a loving wife, three children, and a good career. Soon in the story tragedy comes into his life changing everything and leaving him sad, grief stricken, and doing a lot of soul searching.

Kate is a grad student, single, and dealing with the loss of her father and her fiance'. She is researching about the people who built the Golden Gate Bridge. Her father had worked there his whole life and had found a journal of a man who'd been one of the many who'd built the bridge. Kate becomes obsessed with finding more about the mysterious journal writer, Patrick O'Riley.

I loved the journey that both of these individuals go through. I could relate to many of their feelings as they both were going through the grief process. Both Dave and Kate live through many depressing things, but through these experiences their healing is taking place. I truly liked the reality of this story in showing how a journey of healing happens and that it is hard work. It doesn't happen quickly. There isn't a lot of happiness in your life as you grieve. There are many questions someone asks wondering why these things are happening to them. Camron Wright does a fabulous job with his powerful writing, with words and characters that stayed with me even when I wasn't reading at the moment.

This story takes you to places that you don't see coming;Dave and his journey on a Harley and Kate finding clues for her project from strangers, brings about some true surprises. I've loved the other books I've read from this author and this one, though different, wasn't an exception at all. Readers will be taken on a powerful and soul changing journey where some important life lessons are conveyed. The Other Side of the Bridge was an amazing novel of hope, healing, and second chances. I highly recommend this book!

The Other Side of the Bridge
By , Submitted on 2018-03-16

This book was so awesome! It really sucked me in and kept me engaged and wanting to know what was going to happen next. It made me cry once or twice because of the overwhelming circumstances the characters faced at times, but that's kinda what kept me coming back for more. In the end it all gets worked out. I liked how it left the characters with open ended "fresh slates" rather than just happily ever afters. It put some perspective on how happiness in life is a journey rather than a destination.

The other side of the bridge
By , Submitted on 2018-03-15

This book is SO captivating! It was incredibly hard to put down because you are dying to know how the two story lines connect and it surprises you! Camron Wright has always been on of my favorites authors especially after The Orphan Keeper. He knows his audience and he never fails to provide! Definitely a great read!

I thought I knew
By , Submitted on 2018-03-12

I thought I knew...I really did. I started reading the story and Camron Wright is a beautiful story teller. Weaving two separate lives together in such a way that left me curious in how they would connect. They did not connect in the way that I expected. It was a delightful surprise that kept me really guessing until the very end. Great job!

The Other Side of the Bridge
By , Submitted on 2018-03-12

What kind of a journey are you on? What are you looking for? These are the kinds of questions being asked in the book, "The Other Side of the Bridge" by Camron Wright. Camron writes about humans with real emotions., and the opposition and joy they face. This is a story that will keep you reading! And just when you think you know what's going to happen next, it doesn't. Just like life, you plan and you plan, and your plan doesn't turn out like you thought it would. I could tell you more about the book, but why don't you just read it?

By , Submitted on 2018-03-11

Wow. This is an incredible story. I couldn't put it down. I loved Dave Riley from the beginning, maybe because I could relate to him a little bit more than Katie. But as I got to know Katie and see how their lives were going to intertwine, I loved her as well. This is a story of loss, love, frustration, endurance, learning, growing, and so forth. I would highly recommend it to any and everyone, especially those looking for a fantastic book club read. There is a tiny bit of language toward the end, nothing more than you would hear walking down the street.

The Other Side of the Bridge
By , Submitted on 2018-03-07

I thought the book was a little hard to get into at first. But then after I got past the first few chapters I felt like it got better. I first had a hard time understanding how the two diffrent people were conected. But then when it all come together I thought it was really kind of nice to see how two people that don't seem conected can be brought together. It really brought you in and you felt the emotions of the characters. I thought it ended pretty well.

Great story, poor writing
By , Submitted on 2018-03-06


The plot itself is interesting - captivating, even. A man loses everything and abandons reason to follow a dream. A woman, haunted by loss, finds new purpose in uncovering a long-forgotten history. Initially I thought that the two characters would meet and fall in love, but I was happily surprised when the author decided to take a more creative route.
The writing style, though... ouch. It was so flat and flavorless. There was no differentiation of voice between the characters, nothing in the choice of syntax or word usage that pulled me in. Even just two pages in, I was groaning. It was not enjoyable to read.
However, I was glad I finished the book. It was a good story, and I loved the author’s imagination and attention to detail.

The Other Side of the Bridge
By , Submitted on 2018-03-06

I really enjoyed this book. I felt transported into the story, and wanted to keep reading to find out how it would all work out.

The other side of the bridge.
By , Submitted on 2018-03-06

I enjoyed reading this book. It was interesting to learn about how they built bridges in the early 1900s. I was waiting for Katie and Dave to get together and I was surprised that didn’t happen. Dave and Katie both had a hard timing moving forward in their lives after tragedy of her dad dying and his wife. I would recommend it to others.

The Other Side of the Bridge
By , Submitted on 2018-03-06

A very interesting read, with plenty of information on the Golden Gate Bridge that I didn't know I wanted to know. While it is a more difficult read, involving sad and terrible events for both protagonists, the result of seeing them both find a way to work through their trials is satisfying. Reading that trials and challenges can be overcome, and even lead to a better perspective on life, this book is inspirational in that sense. It was a bit slow at the beginning for me, but once the trials for the protagonists began to surface, it was easier to continue, as I wanted to see how they would handle them. And I wasn't disappointed.

By , Submitted on 2018-03-06

Two very different lives and one bridge that connects them if only but for a small moment. It's a poignant reminder how those seemingly insignificant brief encounters we have with others many times throughout the day can actually be a lifeline to someone else. I was confident in how I thought the story would end yet was in for a surprise. I have now added riding a motorcycle across the Golden Gate Bridge on the 4th of July to my "Bucket List".

An Engaging Read
By , Submitted on 2018-03-06

I loved this book! Once I figured out how to navigate and switch between the two different narrators, I was completely entranced. I had to figure out how these two very different lives intersected. Though it has some very serious and heavy subjects, I loved the authenticity of the story and the message that came from it. I definitely recommend!

By , Submitted on 2018-03-06

Two very different lives and one bridge that connects them if but only for a brief moment in time. I was confident in how I thought the story would end yet was in for a surprise. I've added riding a Harley across the Golden Gate Bridge on the 4th of July to my "Bucket List."

The Other Side of the Bridge
By , Submitted on 2018-03-06

Not my Favorite, a little bit of a let down after the orphan keeper. I listened to the book and it was hard to keep track of what was happening and who was speaking as they jumped back and forth. even though I found the book on the more depressing side I did like how he found happiness in the end.