Our Heavenly Family, Our Earthly Families

by Caitlin Connolly, Bethany Brady Spalding, McArthur Krishna

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Celebrating distinctive LDS doctrines, this landmark children's book illuminates the essential role of families both in heaven and on earth. No matter where we live, what we look like, or what we believe, all of us are children of Heavenly Parents who love us perfectly. Our Heavenly Parents gave us the gift of earthly families to help us grow and become like Them. Families are the best school for learning how to love, forgive, cooperate, pray, create, work, play, and figure out how to be with each other forever. Depicting the deep joys as well as the messy realities of family life, this book will inspire you and those you love to practice building an eternal family every day.

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PublishedDeseret Book 2016
Size8.5 x 10.5

About the Authors

Caitlin Connolly

Caitlin Connolly is an artist living in Provo, Utah. Her artwork often explores the female experience as she seeks to understand herself and all women more fully. Her artwork is a part of private and public collections and can be viewed comprehensively at caitlinconnolly.com.

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Bethany Brady Spalding

Bethany Brady Spalding likes to stir things up in the kitchen and in the community. She has founded programs to promote health and nutrition in the USA, South Africa, and India. Bethany currently leads a regional coalition in Richmond, Virginia, to create a healthier food environment for at-risk children. She finds joy eating spicy dishes and exploring wild places with her husband, Andy, and their three fiery girls.

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McArthur Krishna

McArthur Krishna comes from a pack of storytellers. With a master's degree in communications from BYU, she co-owned Free Range, an award-winning marketing business focused on telling social justice stories. After she moved to the Magic Land of India, she got married and started writing books and raising kids. More of her stories can be found at mcarthurkrishna.com.

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By , Submitted on 2016-09-03

I am so excited about this beautiful book, and just bought twenty copies to share with people I love. The artwork is stunning and fresh, and the message of the book warms my soul: we have Heavenly Parents, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, in whose image we are created, and who have provided a plan, an earth, and a model for us to hold family councils, serve one another in families, and grow up in God no matter what form our personal family may take. Filled with powerful and tender quotations from general authorities about these concepts, this book will help the children of the Church to grow up with a natural understanding of these important truths, and will help the adults of the Church celebrate them with joyful hearts. Great questions to help spark wonderful discussions with children and grandchildren. I feel like I have been waiting all my life for just such a book as this.

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