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Finally, really good Book of Mormon historical fiction
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

We've endured other attempts at historical fiction about Lehi and Nephi for several years now. These works were full of errors of all kinds, shallow characterization, overly speculative plot elements, and even poor grammar. , But now we finally have one worth reading. Heather Moore's work is wonderful. She is clearly up on the latest research, understands the local culture and geography today and then, and didn't get caught up in fictional elements way beyond the scriptures that only distract from a better understanding and appreciation of the Book of Mormon. Add to that a truly engaging writing style, just the right amount of fictional fill-in to the story (I love getting to know Isaabel, for example), and solid characterization, and you have a book that I enjoyed and will recommend highly to everyone I know. Bring on volume 2!