Out of Nowhere

by Jeri Gilchrist


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Work always comes first for small-town police detective, Ashlyn Lawrence. Often solving cases that have gone “cold,” she feels driven to provide closure to the victims’ families.

But she begins to question her choices when the dashing Tyler O’Bryan is appointed as her new captain. As Ashlyn fights her deepening feelings for Tyler, she is threatened by a succession of anonymous messages that suggest a connection between present events and the tragedy of her past. Perhaps now she can finally discover the reason behind her brother’s mysterious death—but it could cost her life.

As the threats escalate, Ashlyn seeks a safe haven—unwittingly returning to the one place that is anything but safe. In both mortal and spiritual danger, the struggling young detective finds she must rely on much more than her own strength—she needs both the Spirit and the help of others if she is to be saved.

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Jeri Gilchrist

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