Outstanding Stories by General Authorities, vol. 3

by Leon R. Hartshorn

Original outstanding stories by general authorities3

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Many of the best sermons—and those longest remembered—feature stories from real life and fiction to illustrate proven principles. In this third volume of Outstanding Stories, Leon Hartshorn selects memorable stories from the sermons of beloved Church leaders to illustrate time-honored and accepted gospel principles.

Readers will thrill to the missionary experiences of Elders Hugh B. Brown and LeGrand Richards; counsel on keeping the Sabbath Day holy by Elder ElRay L. Christiansen; stories of brotherly love by Elders Thorpe B. Isaacson and Henry D. Taylor; examples of obedience by Bishop H. Burke Peterson and Elder Howard W. Hunter; homey examples from the life of President Paul H. Dunn; and many more.

Each of these faith-promoting stories makes good reading as well as telling; they can be used effectively to enrich talks, lessons, and family home evenings. Outstanding Stories by General Authorities, Volume 3, is a valuable addition to any personal library.

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