Overcoming Spiritual Slumps

by Justin Su'a

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As a performance psychology consultant who teaches professional athletes, elite dancers, Olympians, and business professionals how to enhance performance through mental skills training, Justin Su’a knows how to help people overcome challenges and do their very best. In this enlightening talk, Brother Su’a teaches four proven principles to help members of the Church get past the “spiritual slumps” in their lives. “In your pursuit of righteousness it is likely you will encounter trials, pain, and feelings of inadequacy,” says Brother Su’a. “One of the key components to a mentally tough individual is the ability to bounce back from setbacks.” Using colorful stories, examples from the scriptures, and his trademark enthusiasm, Brother Su’a shares what can be a life-changing message for his listeners.

Unabridged audio book

About the Author

Justin Su'a

Justin Su’a was an All-American pitcher for the BYU baseball team and a religious educator for CES. He enjoys teaching members of the Church throughout the country as a teacher and session director for EFY, a speaker for the Best of EFY, and a presenter at BYU’s Education Week. He and his wife, Melissa, have three children.

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