Pandora's Box is Open: Now What Do I Do?

by Gail Poyner

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Never before in the history of telecommunications media has so much indecent and obscene material been so easily accessible by so many minors with so few restrictions. It is no longer if your child will be exposed, but when, are parents are the best people to help their children when this strikes their homes. Dr. Poyner's book teaches the five-step C.L.O.S.E. plan to help children become stronger than pornography's powerfully addictive pull.

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Gail Poyner

Gail A. Poyner, PhD is a Licensed Psychologist and owns Poyner Psychological Services. She provides therapy for a spectrum of psychological disorders, including pornography addiction and prevention counseling and currently serves as the President of the Oklahoma Psychological Association. Gail has six children and seventeen grandchildren (and counting!), and lives with her husband in Oklahoma. When she isn’t traveling to provide mental health services for disaster victims, serving as an expert witness in court, or speaking at professional conferences, she enjoys working in the yard, as well as cheering for her beloved NBA Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team.

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