Pathways to Happiness

by David O. McKay

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Miss Clare Middlemiss, father's secretary, began many years ago to compile all available material concerning his activities. With foresight she also has kept in one of these "scrapbook-series" a chronological set of his speeches and writings which have grown into many volumes-as valuable as they are numerous. This is the source material for this book.

The manuscript of this compilation was checked by father, and he granted me permission to have it published in book form.

Father's great thoughts, noble emotions and profound information give us an insight into human nature; above all, they present guideposts leading to a higher security than the material world can offer. He expresses fundamental moral and spiritual values in such a manner that they have meaning to every individual, and they offer a stability that is essential to true happiness.

Unfortunately, space does not permit the printing of every talk in its entirety, and much of the valuable illustrative material of those selected is omitted, but although his speeches are presented here as condensations, the words of the original are kept.

I am aware that in condensations elements of personal opinion and editorial judgment are not lacking. Hence, if significant parts are omitted, the fault is entirely mine.

In order to make this book useful for practical reference, the format is arranged alphabetically by title.

May these writings bring greater happiness, and make life richer to those who follow the admonitions and counsel contained in this compilation!

Llewelyn R. McKay

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