Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians

by BYU Studies, Michael D. Rhodes, Richard D. Draper

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Product Description

This work is the first comprehensive study of Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians ever produced by LDS scholars.

We include a new rendering of the Greek text into modern English, helping the text be more understandable to modern readers. This rendition is set side by side with the King James Text for easy comparison.

It is a commentary of every verse of 1 Corinthians and examines in depth the rich theology of grace, the Atonement, the gifts of the Spirit, the sacrament, love, and resurrection of the dead along with other important doctrines. Those who read this volume will find it enhances faith, hope, understanding of key principles and doctrines, and bears a strong witness of the Lord Jesus Christ and a clear elucidation of his gospel as preserved by the Apostle Paul.

Paul wrote for a group of early saints who struggled against some of the same issues that Christians face today. This commentary strives to highlight the ways that 1 Corinthians is a relevant message for our day.

About the Authors

BYU Studies

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Michael D. Rhodes

Michael D. Rhodes is an Emeritus Associate Research Professor of Ancient Scripture at BYU, where he taught from 2003 2011. He was an Assistant Professor of Physics at the United States Air Force Academy. His degrees include a BA in classical Greek and MS ins physics. He has published in Egyptology, astronomy and LDS scripture topics.

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Richard D. Draper

Dr. Richard D. Draper is an Emeritus Professor of Ancient Scripture at BYU. He earned a PhD from BYU University in History in 1988 focusing on Near Eastern, Roman, and Early Christian History, with a minor in ancient Greek philosophy and literature. He was Associate Dean of Religious Education at BYU, 2004-2007 and Managing Director of Publications, 2001-2004.

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