Paul's Life and Letters

by Sidney B. Sperry

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The apostle Paul was a powerful champion of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In his dedication to the Savior, he allowed his life to become an instrument in furthering the Lord's work. He gave his full devotion to teaching the early Saints and instructing them in the ways of truth.

An experienced and acclaimed teacher, Sidney B. Sperry weaves Paul's story as not only a good storyteller would but also as one who has spent a lifetime in its study. Sperry capably directs the reader through important details of Paul's character, situation, and background. He aptly discusses the culture of the time and the circumstances surrounding Paul and his crusade, as he outlines the text of the Apostle's challenging and complicated epistles. Follow the journeys of this beloved disciple and learn more about the heart that led the cause.

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Sidney B. Sperry

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