The Pearl of Great Price Reference Companion

by Dennis L. Largey

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Compiled in 1851 by President Franklin D. Richards in Liverpool, England, and canonized in 1880, the Pearl of Great Price occupies a unique place in the Latter-day Saint canon of scripture. Its revealed content is the basis of much theology and practice of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Pearl of Great Price Reference Companion is an encyclopedic dictionary that explores the depth and breadth of that precious book. This magnificent volume addresses nearly 400 topics on the Pearl of Great Price: people, places, words, phrases, doctrine, themes, historical background, and much more—all conveniently collected here. In addition, it contains maps, illustrations, outlines, and photographs to enhance your study of the Pearl of Great Price.

The entries in this reference companion have been prepared by some of the finest scholars in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: faculty members from Brigham Young University, teachers in the Church Educational System, research personnel from the Church Historical Department, and others. Contributors include Alexander L. Baugh, Richard E. Bennett, Gerrit J. Dirkmaat, John Gee, Steven C. Harper, J.B. Haws, Kent P. Jackson, Daniel K. Judd, Robert L. Millet, Kerry M. Muhlestein, Camille Fronk Olson, Dana M. Pike, David R. Seely, Andrew C. Skinner, Gaye Strathearn, and Robert J. Woodford.

The Pearl of Great Price Reference Companion includes:

  • Entries on the Pearl of Great Price from A to Z.
  • A split-column reference style.
  • Concise explanations of topics followed by a more in-depth treatment.
  • An internal reference system to guide the reader to related articles.
  • Extensive cross-referencing to its sister volumes, the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants Reference Companions.
  • The Pearl of Great Price Reference Companion is the first multi-authored encyclopedic dictionary ever published on the Pearl of Great Price. Similar to the LDS Bible Dictionary, this volume provides Latter-day Saints with information on hundreds of Pearl of Great Price topics, including its unique doctrinal contributions. It is truly a comprehensive work. Those who desire to improve their understanding of the Pearl of Great Price will find this book to be an indispensable part of their gospel library.

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    PublishedDeseret Book 2017

    About the Author

    Dennis L. Largey

    Dennis L. Largey, also general editor of the Book of Mormon Reference Companion and the Doctrine and Covenants Reference Companion, is a professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University and former chair of the department of Ancient Scripture. He has served in the educational system of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints for more than thirty-five years. Brother Largey joined the Religious Education faculty at BYU in 1985. His Church service includes counselor in two stake presidencies, bishop, branch president at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah, and member of the Church’s Materials Evaluation Committee. He and his wife, Kristene Belnap Largey, are the parents of four children.

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