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Very good with exceptions
By , Submitted on 2019-03-04

Amazing book! However, it would be great if it talked more about the football games, instead of just saying, “Oh it was a great game.” What’s the point of having a book where a girl who really likes football, doesn’t even talk about football games?

who was the editor?
By , Submitted on 2018-01-29

ok, i enjoyed the story, reading it in one day. the premise is cute, and the plot pretty solid, the potential for great characters. Renee seems like a great writer with a fun vision for compelling stories that touch base on some important issues. some of which i felt deserved better attention.

i gotta say though... it read like i was reading a rough draft. there are some seriously overlooked sections where there was potential for AMAZING development... that just fell flat. a couple times a major plot turning point came up, and it wizzed by so fast i had to go back and read it multiple tines wondering, "wait... what just happened?! did a few pages just go missing?! this deserves some fleshing out." lots of parts seemed jumpy and i had to reread and try to fill in the setting with my own best guess, then got further along and needed to go back and reread again to find what i missed to reorient what was happening in the story clearly. i think thats called Plot Holes.

the end felt a but rushed. i just wish there was *more*.

i give this a 3 star because i truly loved the concept and the overall story arch... but i was disappointed in the execution. a few more drafts with an outstanding editor would push this to a 4-5 star.

By , Submitted on 2017-06-08

My friend let me borrow this book and I read it so fast because I could not put it down!! It's now one of my favorite books ever :))) 100/10 would recommend. I always read romance books and have been looking for really good and clean books! It was so good, that I ordered Ranee' S Clark's other books, Double Play and Love Jane. I loved both of those too and I hope she writes some more!!

Playing for keeps is about a girl who loves football and absolutely adores the BYU quaterback, Anthony Rogers. She has watched all his games, and would love to meet him. When she signs up for a class with him in it, they become friends quickly. Then it just gets better from there :)

I loved all the characters and I could read this book over and over again!! Happy reading!

Fun, Clean Romance!
By , Submitted on 2015-06-17

This was a bit different than what I was expecting and I liked that! TyAnne Daws is excited to meet Anthony "Rocket" Rogers, the BYU quarterback. She is a true fan who has been watching him for many years. When they meet, they become friends quickly and the flirting begins. She enlists the help of her roommate, Rosie, who had gone on two dates with Anthony, to help her get his attention and quickly learns that she might be better off on her own.

Ty was easy to like right away. I also did like Anthony, even though he was a bit cocky. As the story progressed, I liked him more and more. It was fun to watch their relationship evolve from fun and flirty to something more serious. They had some great conversations and the romance was perfect! It was hard for Anthony to get too serious because he had been burned in the past so he protected his heart by dating lots of different girls. There were also some great side characters: Ty's family, other football players, Anthony's OCD sister and a stalker who created some problems for Ty.

The story is set at BYU and there were a few religious elements, like talk of going to church, but nothing preachy. This is a fun, clean romance that anyone will enjoy!

By , Submitted on 2015-06-11

What a perfectly delightful book!
I love how Ty makes a "game playbook" for how to get her man :)

You will find fun story lines as you read about Ty's roommate who is trying to help her, the other man who is stalking her and how Anthony tries to keep her at arms length but can't help falling in love with her.

There are also some fun head-pondering questions as Ty tries to figure out what type of girl she is and if she is different enough from the other girls that Ty has dated so that he will keep her instead of throwing her on the sidelines like all the others. There is also the question of: is she stalking Anthony the same way Dylan stalks her...looks on Facebook, follow her to class, etc.?

This game has more at stake than just a winning touchdown~
Hearts are on the line♥

See how it all plays out in this very fun read!
Will definitely read more from this author!

By , Submitted on 2015-06-10

This was such a good read. I devoured it and it keep me smiling for days. It's a cute football romance that even taught me a bit about football. All the characters were fun and easy to love from Ty and the Rocket to the more minor characters, like Rocket's mom. Their motivations were believable and the story seemed to weave itself. The only thing that felt a little forced was the creepy guy. He seemed to show up and I felt like the motivation there needed to be a little bit stronger. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good, clean, fun romance.

Loved the romance when the characters were being genuine
By , Submitted on 2015-06-10

I had a hard time in the beginning of this book since it started out with Ty's determination to get the guy and Anthony's arrogance and playboy attitude... but the cute banter and chemistry they shared kept me reading and soon the deeper layers of the characters began to be revealed, making me invested in them and their story. The BYU college setting was a perfect backdrop to the euphoria and pleasure of a new relationship as well as the insecurity and fears. Ty struggles with confidence in the dating arena and Anthony has major trust issues. Sprinkled in to round things out are some roommate drama, a creepy stalker, and loveable family members. I especially appreciated the scenes with Anthony's adult sister Nikki who struggled with severe OCD. It showed that even those with seemingly perfect lives have heartache and trials, and Anthony's love and protectiveness for her helped him not seem so shallow and self-centered.

The characters in this book are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and there are some references specific to Mormons (not preaching) but it can definitely be enjoyed by anyone who loves contemporary romance!

(Thank you to Covenant Communications for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)

Adorable romance--even if you're a football flunkie
By , Submitted on 2015-06-10

Ty is a cute college coed who’s been in love with the star quarterback for ages it seems. Since she knows football better than most men, she feels she’s the perfect fit for Anthony ‘Rocket’ Rogers. Making a game plan to win his attention, she tells herself she’ll be happy with just a few dates with the man of her dreams—since he has a record of dating and dumping girls pretty fast. But when her heart gets involved, she wants to play for keeps; but does he? Ty’s unique personality made this story hard to put down. I didn’t think I’d like it so much because it was about football, but even if you’re a football flunkie like me, it still clicks like a seatbelt in your heart and is a fun read. The dialogue was witty and I couldn’t help but cheer for Ty as she tries to win Anthony’s heart. There’s a creeper in this story—Dylan—who is absolutely Bleck! Ick! Nasty! He added great tension and drama to the tale. Read this book! It’s awesome! ***I was given this book for free from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Playing for Keeps is a keeper!
By , Submitted on 2015-06-09

Growing up my dad refereed college football, and now he does the instant replay for the Big 12, so football has always been a huge part of my life. I honestly think that is why I liked this book so much, I already had an appreciation for the game, but of course the book itself that had me eagerly turning pages. Playing for Keeps is highly enjoyable. Ty is an amazing girl who I liked from the first page. I loved how she was herself from the start, and even though she took friendly advice from her friend, she still kept her head. Ty is the type of girl that shines kindness and radiance, and I loved her relationship with her brothers. Anthony was a mystery to me at first, don't get me wrong, I loved when he was around and how he reacted to Ty. Especially how he would react to how other guys reacted to Ty. I really enjoyed the point of view switches with Anthony and Ty. It was the perfect way to get to know Anthony and his friends (who I loved too.) I loved how Anthony was with them, and especially his sister and family. There were so many fun moments in this book. It is full of amazing kisses, humor, and kindness. GO TEAM!

5 out of 5 stars. I can't wait for more from this author! I hear she is working on follow up stories for the other guys in this book. Yay!

Received a paperback copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Playing for Keeps
By , Submitted on 2015-06-08

Having a game plan really helps with a football game and it can't hurt to make one for a potential romance. Just ask TyAnne. She really knows her stuff where football is concerned and when she learns there's an empty seat in a football coaching class at BYU that the star quarterback, Anthony "Rocket" Rogers, is taking, she can't resist signing up and taking a shot at getting to know him.

Ty is completely herself, which is refreshing to Anthony. Her football knowledge catches his attention and her sweet, spunky, selfless personality keeps it, which scares him, as he's not looking for a relationship. Her motives start out a little fan girl, but they quickly change. Ty is loyal to her family, friendly to all, and constantly thinks about being kind, even to her stalker. The whole creepy stalker element added a lot to the story, as well giving the reader a deeper glance into the characters relationships.

Rocket is a star and has the attitude that he can love 'em and leave 'em. The growth that he goes through throughout the story is natural and one can't help but fall for him, right alongside Ty. He's just the right amount of possessive and is very protective, especially to those he really cares about. I love his relationship with his sister and with his football buddies, who were also great men. I would LOVE a story about some of those guys.

I really can't say enough good about this book--it has all the elements that I love and isn't cheesy or cliche. The clean romance really had me swooning--so many romantic moments--and the struggles the characters fought to overcome really drove the story. Everything was propelled and tied up in such a way that I couldn't put it down!

Content: mild romance (kissing); no language; very mild violence (stalking, threats of beating up, etc); mild religious elements (mentioned church and BYU, but no preaching). Clean!

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

Loved this cute book!
By , Submitted on 2015-06-08

This book was so cute! I loved it from the very beginning. I love Ty's character. I saw glimpses of myself in her what you see is what you get attitude. I loved that she was not at all afraid to be herself in order to get Anthony to like her, and it was really funny that her roommate Rosie kept trying to get her to change to impress him, but Ty would just ignore her and do whatever she wanted. I liked that she loved football, and she may have gotten into a class to get close to Anthony, but she never faked her knowledge of football and she never tried to make herself appear dumb about the game. I liked Anthony too, I thought he was sweet and kind. I really liked that he was willing to look out for Ty, but I loved the way he watched out for his sister, Nikki, and her family. What a keeper! And he is a really good sport too, I loved that he has tons of nicknames, and that he's willing to answer to all of them, it was so fun to find out more and more of his nicknames as the story moved along.

I loved the romance element of this book, it's cute and sweet. It moves kind of slow, because Anthony has been hurt before and Ty is trying to be different than all the other girls out to get him. But I liked that it moved slow, it made the story all that much more sweet.

I loved the rest of the characters, they were so fun! I'm hoping to see love stories for David, Sean and the others in the near future. This is a cute romance, I didn't want to put it down! Hoping for more books by Ranee' S Clark in the near future!

Very Cute.
By , Submitted on 2015-06-08

This was a fun book to read. It is cleverly written. The conversations between Ty and Anthony kept me smiling and laughing.

In the beginning of the book the focus is on Ty trying to get Anthony's attention. She "meets" him when she purposely enrolls in a football coaching class he is in. Her spunky personality and knowledge of football at first intrigue him. It doesn't take long before the interest becomes a little more personal.

She has a game plan to get to know him, but it doesn't take long to learn that sometimes game plans need to be thrown out and spontaneity is the best course of action.

There were some very positive messages laid out in this fun book. The first is the importance of being yourself. Don't try to be someone you think everyone else wants you to be

The book also looks at stalking. It's pretty scary how much information is out there on the internet. Ty has to deal with the situation of a football groupy targeting her when she becomes close to the team. She also does a little bit of stalking of her own. It's a great lesson to think about what you put out there and what you look up about other people.

Often we put people in a box and label them without knowing them first. We assume that they will react in a certain way. We assume that they don't have interests and talents outside of what we know. This book also looked at that situation and how people can surprise us. Don't judge, don't assume.

This book is targeted towards the LDS reading market. The book is set on the BYU campus and does have religious elements. The story is cute and clean.

So Much Fun!
By , Submitted on 2015-06-08

This book was so much fun! It is the BYU college scene in full force with classes, friends and athletics. It is also an LDS fiction book and there are religious elements and church events and activities mentioned but nothing overbearing.

Ty and Anthony are both fantastic characters. Their personalities really shine through in this book. I love how they both start off playing a sort of game- with themselves and with each other but then things shift and progress and evolve. Ty is so well rounded and kind. Not only does she know football as well as any of the team players, she can play like one of them too. She impresses everyone with her football knowledge and with her quick mind and soft heart. I really liked Ty. And so did Anthony! Except that Anthony tries to play the game a bit longer because he is a bit broken and a bit afraid.

I loved how the author brought in some meatier topics with the OCD of Anthony's sister and the stalker. It helped give weight and texture to the story.

I enjoyed my time in this book. My older teenage daughter read it too and loved it. It was right up her alley.

My thanks to the publisher, Covenant, for allowing me to read and review this title for them.

By , Submitted on 2015-06-07

I like what the author did with this story. I struggled with it initially because I'm not a BYU fan, but after awhile I was able to get over what team this was about and just enjoy the story. The fan worship of Anthony, the QB, felt very realistic. I did not like him. He was conceited, and a player which made me disrespect him immensely. It took awhile for me to warm up to him, but I felt that he grew and became a better person throughout the story.

I liked TyAnne, the main female character, a lot. She seemed like a good person in many ways. It was a little hard to understand how she was still interested in Anthony knowing he was a player. But she was able to learn more about the real guy, and her example and caring made him better.

I also liked how this wasn't just a standard romance with the big issue stemming from a lack of communication. The inclusion of Dylan added an interesting twist, albeit creepy. I really liked the friendships that were formed in the story and the protection that was offered because of it.