Pocket Flyers Paper Airplane Book

by Ken Blackburn

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Welcome to the world of miniature aviation. It’s entertainment on the fly for the office, backyard, classroom (don’t get caught!), or anywhere there might be a party, featuring 12 Lilliputian-size models that create 69 planes altogether.

From the Skyhawk to the Saber, Phoenix to the B-2 Buzz Bomber, these inimitable flyers are vibrantly colored and gorgeously designed. Fold up the Gargoyle, which excels at loops and dives, and the Concorde 500, modeled after the fastest passenger plane ever built. Includes step-by-step folding instructions and tips on how to send each plane soaring at its full aerodynamic potential.

About the Author

Ken Blackburn

Ken Blackburn has been fascinated with aviation since he was an eight-year-old frequenting the aviation section of his library in North Carolina. He first broke the world record for paper airplane time aloft in 1983 when he was a junior at North Carolina State University, with a 16.89 flight. After graduating magnum cum laude with a degree in aerospace engineering, Blackburn broke the record again. In February 1994, he broke the record yet again with a time of 18.8 seconds. When not braking records, he is also an aerospace engineer for McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis.

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