Pornography: Satan's Counterfeit

by Brad Wilcox

Pornography satan's counterfeit

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Have you ever wondered why parents and Church leaders make such a big deal over the dangers of pornography? Do you know someone who is struggling to overcome a curiosity about forbidden things? Or maybe you feel hemmed in by rules—limited by all the dos and don´ts laid down by parents and other adults.

Brad Wilcox understands the temptations, frustrations, and challenges faced by young people, and in this outstanding fireside talk he explores with his teenage listeners the reasons to shun pornography and details the blessings that result from being obedient to the counsel we are given.

In his friendly, reassuring style, Brad talks frankly to youth about the issues that matter to them most. He gives real-life examples to expose the counterfeit pleasures offered by Satan. He provides hope that it is possible to resist or overcome the evils that tempt us. And he vividly describes the joy that comes from living a clean and virtuous life.

About the Author

Brad Wilcox

Brad Wilcox is an associate professor in the Department of Ancient Scripture at Brigham Young University where he also enjoys teaching at Campus Education Week and Especially for Youth. He also loves presenting at Time Out for Women events across the country. He is the author of The Continuous Atonement, The Continuous Conversion, and The 7-Day Christian, and the BYU devotional, "His Grace is Sufficient." As a young man, Brad served his mission in Chile and later returned to that country to preside over the Chile Santiago East Mission from 2003 to 2006. He also served as a member of the Sunday School General Board from 2009 to 2014. Brad and his wife, Debi, are the parents of four children and grandparents of five.

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