The Power of Everyday Missionaries

by Clayton M. Christensen

Power of Everyday Missionaries

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“Uncomfortable.” “Intimidating.” That's how many people describe member missionary work. Clayton Christensen admits that he and his wife, Christine, felt that way in the past too. But they also recognized the tremendous blessings associated with the work, and they wanted to learn how to share the gospel in ways that would be natural and rewarding.

Clayton's expertise as an innovator kicked in, and he set out with friends and family members to find a more effective approach to member missionary work. Their refreshing perspectives are presented in this book, which includes inspiring, unusual stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of the ideas. Chances are, you'll discover you're already doing a lot of the things mentioned, and with just a little tweak here and there, you'll be sharing the gospel naturally as part of your everyday interactions. Along the way, you'll feel the deep joy that comes from helping others discover the most precious blessing in the world: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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A must handbook for Ward Mission Leaders and Bishoprics
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Brother Christensen writes a real practical guide on how to naturally share the Gospel. The book is packed with stories that model the how's and the powerful impact that comes from doing member missionary work.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Take everything you have ever learned about being a "member missionary" and then re-think it through this book.
Sometimes we know WHAT we need to do
But we just don't know HOW to do it.
Clayton Christensen helps us understand the HOW of being a member missionary through some simple techniques.
Here are just a few:

1. Do not judge who YOU think will be receptive...leave that to the Lord.
2. Use Gospel-lingo in everyday will open up natural conversations.
3. Share the is really that simple.
4. Set goals and is easy to say "I'll do it tomorrow." But tomorrow never comes.
5. Become a "virtual missionary" by posting a blog or answering questions on blogs.

This book also has some AMAZING insights for EVERYONE on HOW to pray, study the scriptures and how to keep the Sabbath Day holy.
Great stories to illustrate the principles taught and a powerful testimony at the end.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

As a fairly recent convert and a new ward missionary this book has been a life line, it is easy to read and understand and yet full of really useful and inspirational information.As I read each chapter I found myself talking non stop to my fellow ward missionaries and sharing the information with them, I wanted to jump up and down with excitement as I read and re-read the book. Ive even ordered more copies for my friends. Truly wonderful book.

About the Author

Clayton M. Christensen

CLAYTON M. CHRISTENSEN is the Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. He is the author of eight critically acclaimed books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Innovator's Dilemma, The Innovator's Solution, and How Will You Measure Your Life? He has received numerous awards for his research and writing. Well known for his work on innovation, he was named the world's most influential business thinker in 2011 by Thinkers50. Brother Christensen has served as an Area Seventy, bishop, counselor to three mission presidents, and in many other Church callings. He and his wife, Christine, live in Belmont, Massachusetts.

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