Power Parenting in the LDS Home

by Randal A. Wright


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Randal A. Wright

Randal A. Wright received his Ph.D. in family studies from Brigham Young University. He has worked for the Church Educational System for many years and is currently a CES Coordinator in Austin, Texas. He is the author of several previous books including: Families in Danger: Protecting Your Family in an X-rated World and The Case for Chastity: Helping Youth Stay Morally Clean. He has been a frequent speaker for the Campus Education Week and Especially for Youth programs. He and his wife, Wendy, are the parents of five children.

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Wish my parents would have read this book when i was younger
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I wish my parents would have read and used the advice in this book when I was younger. Many times LDS parents can be naive parents (I known my parents and many of my friend's parents were) in a world so deceptive and wicked. This book is basically comments from Institute students Brother Wright had or came in contact with who told him their "I wish my parents had known or myself when I was younger" statements. I myself wish my parents would have followed much of the advice in this book to set certain boundaries, not "rules", to help me avoid stupid mistakes.
The book also contains weapons in the form of statistics or proof to back up the church's "For the Strength of Youth" manual. For example, the Prophet has already told us for years not to date before the date of 16. This book in one of the 25 points talks about dating. The author shares a reliable survey taken which states a huge jump in percentage of youth in the church who dated before 16 that end up on the Bishop's office to discuss moral transgressions of some type. The book even helps us know how to define pairing off and inappropriate movies, etc.
We as parents have to set boundaries. When they are small children there are more boundaries we set. As they get older we have to allow them to set more boundaries, but always within a few broader boundaries we set. This book helps us understand areas to discuss in family councils and FHEs even at a young age and to teenagers and young adults to set boundaries and help our children be guided in setting their own boundaries.

Rules do not Raise a Child Parents do!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

As parents we sometimes want a quick fix or silver bullet to guarantee that our children will turn out just right having lived the perfect life. Though I appreciate the author's desire to have good kids many of the 25 points he offers are based on a premise that parents control their children. Parents are responsible to teach their children the consequences of good and bad decisions; however, control is an illusion and if control is employed as a parenting technique it will have a detrimental effect on children rendering them either weaklings or rebels. Parents making "solid boundaries" for their children, as the author suggests in one of his points, covertly communicates to their child that the child is weak and therefore needs a parent to decide for them what the boundaries should be. However, a parent who teaches a child and treats them like an individual who can decide for themselves and then allows that child to set their own boundaries, raises a strong child who will, when faced with difficult decisions, have the strength to choose the right. I would not recommend this book as a way to raise children. It has some good points but the overall premise is flawed.

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