The Power of a Positive Mom

by Karol Ladd

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Suddenly it dawns on you, and you exclaim, “I'm a mom!” But after the elation, you are overwhelmed, apprehensive, bewildered about the huge responsibilities of parenting. You know intuitively that the way you respond to your new role has eternal implications in the life of your child. You need help! The Power of a Positive Mom offers seven time-tested principles that will transform your role, to make you not just a mother but a Positive Mom.

About the Author

Karol Ladd

Karol Ladd is the author of numerous books that offer fresh ideas for families with titles such as Parties with a Purpose, The Glad Scientist, Summer with a Smile, Fun House, Scream Savors, and Table Talk. Her vivacious personality and creative ideas maker her a popular speaker to women's groups and mother's organizations.

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