The Power Within Us

by Russell M. Nelson

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“The older I grow, the more I appreciate the uniqueness of an individual life. Literally, no two people are alike. Each one has a specific genetic inheritance indelibly stamped upon every cell. Environmental influences from the company one keeps, and experiences that one endures, blend to enrich and educate the person who ultimately emerges from this marvelous experience we call life.”

With rare insight, gained through service as both a world-renowned heart surgeon and a Church leader, Elder Russell M. Nelson, a member of the Council of the Twelve Apostles in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, writes about the unique powers and potential of each individual.

“The potential for divine power is within us,” he says. “It awaits the grasp of each willing child of God.” Some of the attributes each person must develop in order to achieve divine power are:

  • Learning: “We must gain learning, but we must apply it wisely. Otherwise we have politics without principles, industry without morality, knowledge without wisdom, science without humanity.”

  • Love of neighbor: “Most who have separated themselves from full fellowship in the Church have done so not because of doctrinal disputations but because of hurt, neglect, or lack of love. Progress toward full participation in the blessings of the gospel needs no new programs, only new vision of love, which can be rendered best by friends and neighbors.”

  • Obedience: “Our choice to serve must be an informed choice based on eternal truths, for we do not obey blindly, but because we can see.”

  • Self-mastery: “Your spirit acquired a body at birth and became a soul to live in mortality through periods of trial and testing. Part of each test is to determine if your body can become mastered by the spirit that dwells in it.”

  • A strong marriage: “It takes a man and a woman to make a man or a woman. Ordinary and imperfect people can build each other through their wholeness together.”

  • Obedience to law: “Freedom to act and mastery of our actions both emanate from law.”

“The source of our spiritual power is the Lord,” he concludes. “This power differs from electrical power. An electrical appliance consumes power, while the use of God's spiritual power replenishes our power. While electrical power can be used only for measured peiods of time, spiritual power can be used for time and eternity.”

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Audiobook NarratorRussell M. Nelson
Audiobook RuntimeApproximately 3 hrs.

About the Author

Russell M. Nelson

Russell M. Nelson was sustained as the seventeenth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in January 2018 after serving in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for more than 30 years. Prior to his call as an Apostle, he was a world-renowned cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, medical researcher, and educator. He received his BA and MD degrees from the University of Utah and a PhD from the University of Minnesota. He and his wife, the late Dantzel White Nelson, are the parents of ten children. She passed away in February 2005. President Nelson married Wendy L. Watson, a professor of marriage and family therapy in BYU's School of Family Life, in 2006.

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This is a wonderful book!
By , Submitted on 2019-06-13

I just finished reading Insights by Sheri Dew and have been interesting in reading more about our prophet and the books and discourses he has written. I really enjoyed this book! There are a couple stories that I have heard at different times in other books, but they were great reminders. I found myself pausing the audiobook over and over again to write down quotes and inspiration I learned from him as well as ideas and thoughts that came to my own mind. This book is a treasure, I would recommend that everyone reads it! It is inspirational and wonderful!

An apostle speaks
By , Submitted on 2019-05-20

What a treat to be able to listen to an apostles insights long before he became the prophet. This work melds beautifully the physical with the spiritual.

This book is an keeper!
By , Submitted on 2018-12-02

I purchase this book in hard copy 14 years ago. I have told so many people about. It is something I read when I fill I need to draw nearer to God and get back on the right path.
The writing in this book is strong and very empowering. I could not find myself to loan to others, in fear that I would lose it. So to those special people in my life, I decided to buy some copies for them, because I really what them to read it, without giving up my copy. This help me to understand a lot about myself, and understand Gods plans and read scriptures.

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