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Thoughtful and humbling!
By , Submitted on 2015-09-09

I am grateful I read this amazing, yet simply profound book. It touched my heart, and I do not have children at all. I was reminded to be easy on myself, to know that why should I hold myself accountable for something that my children didn't do in my life. Why should I have them hurt, and most of all why should I stop being a mom, or a parent, or a sibling, or a friend because of the bad things that I USED to do. Should I give up because it is hard, or do I keep going. Well, yes, keep going because the Atonement of our Elder Brother, even the Savior Jesus Christ is real. It is for me, and I can move forward knowing that because I accessed repentance and did the repentance process. He really doesn't look at that anymore. So, why should I? I will not because I am loved. As, I know, I feel remorse for my PAST actions and sins, feel the peace, comfort, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and the ability to forgive others and myself and keep trying and pushing through my trials because my Elder Brother did it before me, it's because the Atonement makes a HUGE difference in our lives. GREAT book and a GREAT read!

The Perfect Parable of Grace
By , Submitted on 2015-04-15

The perfect parable to explain grace in a way many can understand, making a sometimes difficult concept easier to grasp. The illustrations are beautiful (and it's fun to see where the cat is in each picture--I can imagine children loving to look for that each page). I can imagine reading this book to Primary children or in FHE would make a great introduction to the doctrine of our Savior's saving grace.

Beautiful book!
By , Submitted on 2015-04-03

Practicing for Heaven is a beautiful book with a powerful message. I especially related to the piano analogy because I used to play myself and I was also a reluctant practitioner. I love how the mother sits down with her son and explains to him the importance of not giving up when things get hard or when it seems that all one does is make mistakes. Not only is the text beautifully written and perfect for sharing with children, but the illustrations are gorgeous and wonderfully highlights the text. The story points out the importance of teaching children about the atonement and how the power of the atonement provides strength to overcome our sins and weaknesses. I loved the idea of 'practicing for heaven'. Because Jesus died for us he has the right to ask something of us and that he does it to help us become like him so we can be ready to live in heaven. I find this a wonderful way to help children understand an important doctrine. The authors give additional information at the end of the book about ways to help teach children about the atonement including additional resources. A beautiful book all around!

Perfect Picture book on the Atonement for the Family
By , Submitted on 2015-04-02

My family loves picture books and the piano so this book was a perfect match for us. We read this book together for Family Night and helped our little kids understand the concept of the Atonement. I loved the parable in this book because it fit well with our family. We've had several complaints and frustrations with practicing the piano and so my children definitely related. I have come to understand the power of the Atonement on a deeper level over the past few years.
The illustrations are in fine detail and very lifelike and my kids loved the details the artist included, like the cat and dinosaurs in the pictures. The story was short and it was easy to keep the kids attention while teaching an important lesson.
This book would be excellent for a family Easter gift or for anytime of the year.

By , Submitted on 2015-03-22

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! I have LOVED the "piano analogy" ever since Brother Wilcox shared it in his BYU devotional. It makes so much SENSE. It is the best way I have found to understand the Atonement, but I can never share it with people. I understand it, but it never comes out right. This is an answer to prayers because now I can read it to my nieces and nephews and share it with friends who don't have time to read the entire "Continuous Atonement" (even though they should!) And I love the illustrations. Thank you! Karly A., Los Angeles, California

FHE Perfection
By , Submitted on 2015-03-11

A beautiful picture book with a wonderful story to help explain the concept of Grace. My favorite part is the back page where the author talks about ways to teach the doctrine of the atonement to children. It is extremely useful and needed for families. This is a must have!

By , Submitted on 2015-03-11

In this sweet book you will read the story of David and his reluctance to practice the piano~

Sound like someone you know?

"'But it's hard' and 'I keep hitting the wrong notes' complains David."

Do you make mistakes in this life?

Then David's mom turns this into a teaching moment about Jesus Christ and his atonement.

She has paid for the piano lessons so she can ask David to practice even if he makes mistakes.

Christ has also paid for us...
What does He ask of us?
Are we allowed to make mistakes?
Read to find out how David's mom answers :)

This wonderfully illustrated book will help you ponder the fact that...

"We aren't earning our way to heaven~ we are practicing for it."

I LOVE the way Brad Wilcox teaches about this idea of...

"We don't need to be perfect right now, we just have to keep practicing!"

EVERYONE should read this book!
This would make a fantastic family Easter book!

By , Submitted on 2015-03-06

I am both excited and astounded at the clarity and focus offered by the writers of this outstanding document. Being a piano player myself, taught by my loving mother in the comfort of our small home in Boston Massachusetts, I resonated to the emotional connection that it offered to me. My connection with my mom was so very important, but I am sure that through my childhood and early adult years, there were things that I am not proud of, and know caused hurt to her. But this writing brought me closer to my mother………………and to God. There were years that I was estranged to both, the very two who loved me most.
I am wow’ d by the impact of this reading, and the simplify of the story that says many things that simply sing out to me. I thank the writers for assisting me in my recollections of a most marvelous journey and allow me a moment to rekindle my connection to my mom who passed so may years ago, and to God who never lost His faith in me. I love them both, I love the moment of reflection this book has offered me, and I love the writers who wrote their words carefully and directly to me! From my heart, John O’Donnell, Stansbury Park, UT.

Practicing for Heaven The Parable of the Piano Lessons
By , Submitted on 2015-03-06

Inspiring parable. The beautiful doctrine of the Atonement of Jesus Christ depicted simply enough for a child to understand, yet profound enough to prompt deep thought for adults. Highly recommended. The sooner children understand the principle of grace, great confidence in the Lord will follow.

Mother, Grandmother
By , Submitted on 2015-03-06

I am a true believer that it takes a community to raise children. With that said, I am a stronger believer that the everyday teachings and connection, that children receive from their parents are the most enlightening and are most grounded into a child’s heart and soul - forever. This book reflects that importance on several levels. I am so excited to share this book with my grandchildren.