Profile of a Prophet/God Is the Gardener

by Hugh B. Brown

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Side One: Profile of a Prophet

It has been said that "The Lord endowed Elder Brown with some extraordinary talent. One was his power of speech, another was his gift to inspire." In this talk Brother Brown shares an experience he had in England with a non-member friend asking him to prepare a brief on Mormonism while the friend listened as a judge. Together they came up with "a profile of a prophet," and then measured Joseph Smith to this profile. Brother Brown shares strong testimony and powerful insights on the Prophet Joseph Smith, and what his friend concluded about the brief.

Side Two: God is the Gardener

In this inspiring talk, Brother Brown discusses the importance of developing a relationship with God and remembering that we have the potential inside to be as he is. He teaches a powerful lesson on letting God lead us by telling the touching personal story of God is the Gardener.

About the Author

Hugh B. Brown

Hugh B. Brown served as an apostle from 1958 until his death in 1975. During the Presidency of David O. McKay he was called to serve as second and the as first counselor. Before being called he practiced law with J. Reuben Clark, Jr., worked as a professor of religion at BYU, and served as mission president of the British Isles twice.

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Two wonderful Addresses
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

During my mission in New Zealand, I used a tape with Profile of a Prophet to help reenforce what we were teaching. Elder Hugh B. Brown gave a wonderful talk on how to recognize a Prophet and why we need them today.
God is the Gardener tells of Bro. Browns experience in WWI as a field officer and was about to be a General. But then the Lord took over and made him an Apostle.

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