The Promise of Enough: Seven Principles of True Abundance

by Emily Belle Freeman, Simon Dewey

  • 9781606411438
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Product Description

Do you need a miracle? Most of us experience unmet needs at one time or another. Perhaps you are lonely and long for an abundance of love. Maybe you suffer from an illness and long for an abundance of health. Some may long for an abundance of peace, or an abundance of comfort. Others may find that they long for an abundance of time or an abundance of joy.

Welcome to a spiritual journey that will lead you to realize that the Lord is aware of you and He has miracles in store for you. Through this step- by-step process you will discover seven principles of abundance, each with an explanation of how the Lord can take what you already have and make it more. With an emphasis on making the most of every day, this book will encourage you to seek the gift that only He can bring — the promise of enough, with the miracle of some to spare.

About the Authors

Emily Belle Freeman

Emily Belle Freeman is a best-selling author, popular inspirational speaker, and cofounder of Multiply Goodness. Her greatest joy comes from spending time with her husband, Greg, her children, and her grandchildren. For a few minutes every day she leaves the dishes in the sink and writes about the ever-present goodness of God in the ordinary details of her life. Read more at and follow her on Instagram and Facebook: @emilybellefreeman.

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Simon Dewey

No biography available

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Awesome inspirational book
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I love this book. It's my night time reading project. I'm writing my thoughts in the margin as recommended and find great comfort in the beautiful thoughts it stimulates in my mind. I plan to give this to my friends who are in turmoil. It's a very grounding book.

Powerful Words!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

It seemed insignificant at the time, but a woman standing near me in DB randomly recommended this book. I'd like to believe it was an inspired act, because without even knowing that I needed it, this book came at exactly the right time and in just the right way. The author is so personable in her writing that it seems like a one on one conversation between friends. She wraps scripture and doctrine together, including principles of gratitude, provident living, faith, and charity, into a warm blanket of comfort that is both healing and nurturing. Yet at the same time, her words are like the invigorating freshness of a spring morning, and I feel light and sunny as I realize that so many of the worries that weighed me down were of my own making. I have found such joy in this book, that I am just dying to share it with others, and have already gifted multiple copies to friends and family. It is a powerful reminder of the overpowering love of our Heavenly Father and His Son, how beautiful the Gospel is in its simplicity, and the great quantities of blessings and happiness that we so foolishly ignore and even reject.

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