The Promised Land, Vol. 1: Pillar of Fire

by David G. Woolley

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Product Description

A Sweeping Epic about the Incredible Beginnings of the Book of Mormon 601 B.C.

The Babylonians have come and gone, leaving Jerusalem plundered, weak, and broken. The power-hungry Elders in the city council have banished and murdered the prophets. Anyone foolish enough to voice their support for the prophets has been labeled a "Rekhabite," a dissenter, a traitor,” worthy of death. In the midst of this turmoil, Jonathan the blacksmith has moved his family from Sidon to Jerusalem, bringing with him knowledge of the new alloy, steel. Torn between heeding his wife's warnings and a fear of not providing for his family, Jonathan becomes a pawn in the hands of the Elders and Laban, the captain of the guard. Aaron, Jonathan's crippled son, receives a blessing and a promise of healing, and is told that he will save the life of a prophet. When he is hired by the oil-merchant Lehi, Aaron's life changes forever. So begins the first volume of The Promised Land series — a sweeping epic, telling of the incredible beginnings of the Book of Mormon.


About the Author

David G. Woolley

David G. Woolley’s deep love and respect for the Book of Mormon has resulted in years of study of in-depth literature regarding that sacred book. That study has in turn resulted in a historical series of novels that are carefully crafted and researched.

Dr. Woolley was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. He received his doctoral degree in professional leadership and organizational behavior from Brigham Young University. David was head soccer coach at Brigham Young University for six years and has been the head coach and director of development with the Rangers Soccer Club.

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Great Book
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book is very thought provoking and is a great read. I really enjoyed the historical aspets of the book.

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