The Promised Land, Vol. 3: Place of Refuge

by David G. Woolley

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Product Description

It is six centuries before Jesus of Nazareth will be born, and Jerusalem is in turmoil. After the conflict with Babylon escalates, the ruling class of Judah threatens any who dare opposes their tenuous power. The Holy City is destined for destruction.

But amid the mayhem, two prophets of God come forth — Lehi and Ezekiel. However, both are in danger of losing their life. Zadock, Chief Elder of the Jews and Laban, Captain of the Guard, desperately seek to eliminate all voices of opposition as they attempt to seize broader power.

Lehi and his family have narrowly escaped from the corrupt city into the Judean wilderness, where the patriarch must contend not only with enemies pursuing them through an unforgiving land, but also with his two defiant sons. Meanwhile, Ezekiel has been imprisoned on false charges of inciting a tax revolt. He knows he must escape if the prophecies he has received are to be fulfilled.

An epic tale of loyalty and betrayal, strength and faith, Volume Three of this richly written saga sweeps the reader back through time and vividly brings to life the trials and triumphs of important scriptural figures as they venture toward a Promised Land.

About the Author

David G. Woolley

David G. Woolley’s deep love and respect for the Book of Mormon has resulted in years of study of in-depth literature regarding that sacred book. That study has in turn resulted in a historical series of novels that are carefully crafted and researched.

Dr. Woolley was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. He received his doctoral degree in professional leadership and organizational behavior from Brigham Young University. David was head soccer coach at Brigham Young University for six years and has been the head coach and director of development with the Rangers Soccer Club.

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Loved this whole series
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Read the series when it first came out and couldn't wait for each subsequent volume. It was well written, and I felt I got to know the characters. Couldn't put it down.

Thanks again Bro. Woolley, but don't keep us dangling
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Don't let me die Bro. Woolley before Lehi et-al cross the deep. Although getting the story first hand may be even more exciting, informative and accurate than reading 'The Promised Land' Series. I have read your fictional accounts several times find them motivating me to fathom and glean details of Book of Mormon peoples (even through the Book of Moroni) I simply previously glossed over or ignored during the scores of times I have read the B of M. While I find that my newly inspired versions of the stories do not neccesarily or totally agree with yours I am looking forward to your version of the crossing. Thanks again Bro. Woolley

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