The Prophecy Trilogy, Vol. 1: And the Moon Shall Turn to Blood

by Anthony E. Larson

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As you, the reader, embark on the wondrous quest through the past and the future depicted in this book, be prepared to lay aside some of the secular notions you have taken for granted nearly all your life.

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Anthony E. Larson

The author of five books for the LDS audience, Anthony E. Larson is also a journalist, photographer, composer and video producer. Anthony has a scholar's interest in any discipline that relates to the restored gospel, including geology, anthropology, archeology, astronomy, archeoastronomy, etymology, planetary science, paleontology, comparative mythology and comparative religion. More than anything else, he desires to share what he's learned about events in ancient history that have shaped sacred traditions. Anthony wish is that every Latter-day Saint could have the insight this study has provided for him, personally. It's a profound exercise in enlightenment that includes the symbolism of the scriptures, the temples and the words of the prophets. Not only does it increase one's gospel comprehension many fold, it amplifies and strengthens one's testimony.

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Wonderful book, really opens new possibilities.
By , Submitted on 2018-12-04

Worth reading. This book really opens up how the Exodus events occured.

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