Purity and Passion: Spiritual Truths about Intimacy That Will Strengthen Your Marriage

by Wendy Watson Nelson

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Would you like to have a stronger marriage?

Do you long for more intimacy in your relationship — more emotional and physical intimacy?

Purity and Passion can help!

This groundbreaking book helps readers understand how eternal truths about sexual intimacy can clear away the obstacles and misconceptions that have plagued many couples. Practical suggestions on how to show love, how to make positive changes in your marriage, and how to increase your marital intimacy provide wonderful opportunities for discussion and action.

With the insights in Purity and Passion, you'll be well on your way to greater marital happiness that you ever imagined!

Praise for Purity and Passion:

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist who works with a range of clientele — individuals, couples, families and groups. My clinical focus is that of sexual addictions, and in particular, the influence of pornography on marital relationships. For the last several months, I have facilitated several therapy groups for women and men who are struggling with pornography's influence in their marriage. [This] book has been an invaluable resource and reference in this much needed work. I encourage couples to read it together and discuss how truths regarding marital intimacy have been distorted by pornography consumption. Many have commented on how useful the Appendix is, as it provides a concrete and specific listing of the ways God-ordained marital intimacy differs from that of the world's view. Many of the women I work with tend to blame themselves for their husband's pornography use. [This] book has been extremely validating and clarifying for this population. I have found it to help them see how their own spirituality and high standards are worth celebrating versus being undermined within the world's arena of sexual casualness. —

Jill Manning, Marriage and Family Therapist

About the Author

Wendy Watson Nelson

Prior to her marriage to President Russell M. Nelson in April 2006, Wendy Watson Nelson was a professor of marriage and family therapy for twenty-five years, the last thirteen at Brigham Young University. She holds a PhD in family therapy and gerontology.

Sister Nelson has served as a stake Relief Society president, as a stake Primary president, and as chair of the Brigham Young University Women's Conference in 1999 and 2000.

She was born in Raymond, Alberta, Canada, to Leonard David and Laura Byrde McLean Watson.

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THE BEST book on Marital Intimacy!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I bought this book and another popular LDS book on the topic. The other book was ok, but Purity and Passion is definitely the best!

I would recommend it to singles and engaged couples just as much as to married couples. I feel it would even help someone's repentance and healing of past sexual sin as it so clearly teaches the difference between the selfish and lustful attitudes about sex that are prevalent in popular culture, and the pure and sanctifying gift of marital intimacy.

It teaches how to overcome anger, resentment, temptation and the many impurities which prevent marital intimacy from being the glorious healing experience that it should be. It teaches about how to build true love and unity so that a husband and wife will be irresistibly drawn to one another.
This book has blessed our marriage relationship immensely. My husband is happy and so am I.

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