Quiet as a Church Mouse

by Jeff Harvey, Stephen Bevan

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What does it mean to be quiet as a church mouse? This charming picture book shares the story of how one little boy learned to sit still while his imagination kept running free. With these fun and colorful illustrations, follow along as a boy and mouse discover how reverence shows our love and respect for our Savior.

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Size10 x 8
PublishedCedar Fort 2017

About the Authors

Jeff Harvey

Jeff Harvey grew up in northern California doing nothing but making art. Since then he has graduated from BYU in illustration and moved to Utah where he lives with his wife and family, still doing nothing but making art.

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Stephen Bevan

No biography available

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Simple, imaginative book for church
By , Submitted on 2018-05-08

Quiet as a Church Mouse is a story that comes straight from the childhood of author Stephen Bevan, who used to have trouble sitting reverently in church as a little boy. He wrote this book to help other youngsters like him use their imaginations to help them be more reverent. He thanks his dear mother for teaching him about the "church mouse."

The book is a really cute idea. It is written very simply, with very few written words. Most of the story is told through the adorable and impressive illustrations. 

I admit when I read the book to my children, I was left wanting more. There was no depth to the child's realization of what the church mouse must actually be. The non-spiritual parts of the book were fine being simple and vague, but I felt opportunities were missed in the spiritual realizations.

My 12-year-old felt the same as I did, but my little boys (5 and 7), did enjoy the book and wanted me to read it again immediately after. I suppose their opinions matter a lot more than those of older people, considering the book was written for children around their ages. 

So, though I felt the book was too simple, it was just right for my little boys. And that's what matters. 

Fun Quiet Book for Church
By , Submitted on 2018-05-01

We all (well if you have had a child) have had that moment in church when you just want your child to be quiet! You try anything! When this child’s mom tells him to be quiet as a mouse his imagination runs with it! Who knew a mouse could be so many things?

This little book takes you on a short, ride through what “quiet as a mouse” could be. The illustrations are beautiful, and it’s bound to keep your child’s attention during church. All while helping them be “quiet”.

I love children’s books so much. I especially love children’s books that are easy and have lots of pictures for little ones. There are so many things on the pages to for kids to look at and keep them entertained.

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