Receiving Personal Revelation

by Larry W. Tippetts

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With the busy pace of every day life, journal writing seems like one more item on an impossible to-do list. But with warmth and wisdom, inspiration author Larry W. Tippetts reminds readers of the incomparable benefits of putting pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard. Among the greatest impacts discussed is the fact that as we recognize and record spiritual experiences, we can receive increased personal revelation.

The pages of this interactive guidebook are enriched with insights and ideas designed to start readers on the path of regular record keeping, from discussion of the blessings that can come from journal writing to personal experiences, quotes, and sample journal entries. Readers will learn to record thoughts and spiritual experiences as a part of daily routine and are encouraged to utilize thought-provoking writing prompts designed to inspire entries. For seasoned writers and new journalers alike, there is no time like the present to get started on your story.

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Larry W. Tippetts

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Helpful and convincing....a compelling, thoughtful how-to book for making the journal task meaningful!
By , Submitted on 2017-06-19

I found compelling and convincing evidence for keeping a personal journal within these pages. It helped me find my voice! This book with a great how-to approach for the so often ignored journal task---so important....yet beginning it is monumental! It has a great nuts-and-bolts style, yet thoughtful and inspirational format. I have given this book with a nice journal to encourage the discouraged, teach prospective missionaries and delight friends for joyful and difficult needs that have come up in their lives. It is "cheap therapy" and becomes a link to God, and this easy-read and methodical style makes the task approachable in our hurried lives. I highly recommend this book!

By , Submitted on 2017-06-12

I have read hundreds of books in my lifetime, and there are a very few that have been life changing for me. Larry Tippetts' book Receiving Personal Revelation is one of them. While I have kept a daily journal for a number of years, I now have begun a separate journal recording those promptings to be a better person and do more good. I have had promptings before in my life, but until reading this book I never wrote them down. Now I can refer back to these ideas for remembrance and even renewing my commitments which I might have otherwise forgotten. One other new behavior I have implemented after reading this book is to carry 3 by 5 cards in my pocket, as well as a pen, so that when I get an idea I want to remember and follow up on, I can immediately write it down. Thank you, Larry, for your insights and inspiration.

Receiving Personal Revelation
By , Submitted on 2017-06-05

Brother Tippetts has taught some brilliant and helpful principles to help us remain faithful and stay faithfully strong. Receiving personal revelation and then remembering and strengthening that conduit to heaven can make all the difference. Brother Tippetts has spot on taught that principle. It reminded me of one of my favorite phrases "Never doubt in darkness what God has taught you in the light"

Excellent and inspiring book by a great teacher!!
By , Submitted on 2017-01-03

I have known Larry Tippetts for many years. I have had the privilege to have him as a teacher. He was my favorite teacher... a very inspiring man. He wrote and writes many types of personal journals. He is very well versed on what it takes to receive revelation by using personal journaling. I had the privilege to review part of this book and the content is excellent and truly inspiring. I highly recommend it. For 2017, I am writing my journal every day! This spiritual exercise truly helps my spirituality and my communication with Heavens. Thanks Brother Tippetts!

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