Record a Story: Guess How Much I Miss You

by Publications International

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Record a Story: Guess How Much I Miss You enables family and friends to read a story to children even when they are miles apart. Grandparents and other special people in a child's life can create a personal memento to share even when they can't be there in person. Children can enjoy this keepsake storybook again and again.

This unique storybook plays your personalized recording as a child turns each colorful page. Each time a child turns the page, a lively musical tune plays, and the child hears the loved one's voice reading the story.

Guess How Much I Miss You is a beautifully illustrated story about two bears that miss each other when they aren't together. The story teaches children that even when loved ones are far away, they are still in each other's hearts. The book is easy to set up. Follow these directions:

  • Turn to the page you wish to record.
  • Press the RECORD button. Listen to the instructions. When you hear a beeping sound, read the words on the page.
  • After you are finished reading the page, press STOP. You can re-record until you are satisfied with your recording. Repeat the process with the remaining pages of the book.
  • Set the locking switch behind the screw-on plate to ensure that your recording won't be inadvertently erased. Your voice recording is permanent; it will not be lost when the book's batteries are changed. Three replaceable AAA batteries come with the book.
  • This recordable storybook was designed for children of all ages. It is a wonderful gift idea for out-of-town relatives, a parent who is away from home frequently, or someone in the military assigned to a faraway land.


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