Rediscovering the Book of Mormon: Insights You Might Have Missed Before

by Melvin J. Thorne, John L. Sorenson

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Did you know battles in the Book of Mormon were fought according to seasons?

Did you know Nephi patterned his record after the exodus?

You'll find new insights into things you may have wondered about in Rediscovering the Book of Mormon, a unique volume for all students of the scriptures. It offers twenty-four essays on such topics as war, repentance, politics, culture, and poetry.

Scholars of the Book of Mormon share fresh insights on these topics that appeal to a broad, general audience of Latter-day Saint adults. John L. Sorenson discusses Seasons of War, Seasons of Peace in the Book of Mormon, Richard Dilworth Rust presents poetry found in the ancient record, and John W. Welch writes about what he calls A Masterpiece: Alma 36.

You will find presentations on Book of Mormon imagery, warfare, Isaiah, the stealing of the Lamanite daughters, and Hebrew backgrounds. Other contributors include Eugene England, Stephen D. Ricks, Alan Goff, Robert L. Millet, and Catherine Thomas.

About the Authors

Melvin J. Thorne

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John L. Sorenson

John L. Sorenson has been intrigued by applying scholarly methods to Book of Mormon studies ever since 1949, when he finished a mission to New Zealand and the Cook Islands and enrolled in the new archaeology program at Brigham Young University. Years of advanced training in archaeology and anthropology (MA, BYU; PhD, UCLA) coupled with experience as a “dirt” archaeologist in Mexico, as chair of BYU’s anthropology department, and as an active Mesoamerican researcher uniquely prepared him for what has proved to be a lifelong project: investigating little-known aspects of the cultures of Book of Mormon peoples. In his scholarly career, Sorenson has written more than 200 books and articles, among them An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon (Deseret Book and FARMS, 1985), a landmark study that matches empirical data from scientific research with hundreds of geographical, historical, and cultural details gleaned from the Book of Mormon narrative. His research and publications in this area continue to flesh out a coherent, plausible model whose text-based criteria cannot be ignored when seeking to place the peoples and events of the Book of Mormon within a real-world setting. Sorenson was closely involved with the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS) for 28 years, including 5 years as editor of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies. Earlier he worked as an applied anthropologist, as director of social sciences for General Research Corporation in Santa Barbara, California, and as founder and president of Bonneville Research Corporation in Provo. His legacy at BYU includes the introduction of anthropology into the university curriculum. In his so-called retirement years, he has vigorously pursued the interests that first captivated him: the cultures of Book of Mormon peoples, ancient Mesoamerican civilization, and social dimensions of Mormonism.

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