Redlands California Temple: Reverent Joy (4x5 Print)

by Kendall Davenport

Redlands temple

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About the Author

Kendall Davenport

Kendall’s temple paintings give you a new exciting way to experience the temple that you haven’t had before. The exquisite detail, he paints with, makes it so you can be there wondering through and be immersed in the spirit that is there. He paints into each of his paintings the spirit of eternal peace, power, progress, and personal relationships. You can feel a spiritual connection with eternity. One of these paintings in your home will help your family think about the temple every day. Kendall invented a new, very complex method of painting. A new concept in art, similar to oil painting, which goes beyond what we have now. This method gives him complete control over every piece of the painting. It enables him to paint emotions from his mind and heart, with much more detailed beauty and feelings, than traditional painting methods or photographs allow. You feel like you can walk right into the painting and have the feeling of standing at the temple. Kendall has his studio- gallery in Rexburg, Idaho. He has been painting temples and landscapes with his new painting method for almost twenty years. He and his wife, Yolanda, work together to share these paintings with others, to bring them feelings of hope, healing, renewal, and faith.

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