Refined by Christ

by Toni Sorenson


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The Lord will walk with us. He will come to our aid. He will even carry us part way, but in the end, we have to do our part.

Mortality tests us all, feeling at times like a scorching crucible built to try our faith and fortitude. When disappointment overwhelms us and our adversity seems unfathomable, we must decide: will we be defeated by life’s unavoidable tribulations, or will we allow them to make us stronger? Bestselling author Toni Sorenson weaves scripture and prophetic counsel into a moving narrative, recounting nine valuable lessons she has learned through her own trials. Her words of wisdom and hope serve as a stirring reminder that as we hold tightly to our faith in Jesus Christ, our jagged edges can be made smooth and our impurities made pure. Amidst the storms of life—when the heat of the refiner’s fire seem too much to bear—we can take comfort in the realization that refined is not a word of warning, but a remarkable word of hope.

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About the Author

Toni Sorenson

Toni is the author or a number of bestselling books for both the national and LDS markets. In 2006, her Covenant novel, Redemption Road, won the prestigious Association of Mormon Letters honor for novel of the year.
She is an avid student of the scriptures and wrote Master after years of research on the life of the Savior.
Toni is the mother of six children, four sons and two daughters. They reside in Utah Valley and love to travel, play, and eat together.

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