Reflections of a Scientist

by Henry Eyring

Reflections of a scientist

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Elder Neal A. Maxwell once called Henry Eyring “the most distinguished Mormon scientist of this dispensation.”

In this redesigned and reprinted volume, Henry Eyring discusses various aspects of science, religion, and life. Some of his topics are truth, heredity and environment, communication, freedom through obedience, the Church, Church leaders, work, the scriptures, the age of the Earth, organic evolution, nature and revelation and miracles.

Especially interesting are his illustrations of how science and religion complement rather than detract from one another, and how the principles of both can be used to live a happier, more abundant life.

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Henry Eyring

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As an LDS Scientist this is very good and we did have some conversations back in the 70s
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Having a better and more broad background in science, it is critical to understand that sometimes Church "policies" have to be adjusted due to a more comprehensive understanding of the biological entity our spirit has "rented" here on earth for the mortal experience and to accomplish the needed mission we are to accomplish here during this mortal experience. We need to take care of this "rental property" (our biological body) with the best interest to keep us capable of accomplishing our promise to Heavenly Father when we decided in the spirit world to come here and gain a much better mortal comprehension of our eternal life. Once we know things about the science of our body as well as the universe we learn and appreciate much much more of God's challenge regarding his creation. Science is no longer religion -vs- science. Its a blessing to have a better understanding of the scriptures and our immediate inspiration. Many times I have made an error in thinking I knew the science to resolve the situation and have learned the HE always provides the proper scientific response to my issues, so I have to be very aware of His inspiration when I have to ask him for His help when giving life saving blessings.

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