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We've all been there. Each one of us has sins that, for one reason or another, we haven't been able to fully shake—we can't get ourselves "unstuck." Yet many of us have wanted to make that permanent change, to quit those repetitive sins once and for all. So here's the million-dollar question: how do you do it?

"Although damned and dammed are different words, they communicate the same message: progress is stopped! Robert Reynolds is the perfect one to teach us how to get unstuck. With real-world examples and a perspective from someone inside today's entertainment business, Robert reminds us that the Savior is the ultimate solution and living His gospel just makes sense. Get ready to lose any illusion you may have that you can do it alone. Thank heaven (literally) that no one has to."
—Brad Wilcox; BYU professor and author of The Continuous Atonement

"People who've sinned shouldn't consider themselves damaged goods or think that Heavenly Father doesn't want to extend His hand to them anymore. God has not forgotten you, and the fact that we even feel remorse or guilt is a good sign. It means we still have the light in us—if even just enough to get back on track."
—Branden Campbell; Neon Trees

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Runtime4 hours 2 minutes
Audiobook NarratorRobert Reynolds

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Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds manages multi-platinum recording artists The Killers and Brandon Flowers. He served a mission in South Carolina before receiving his bachelor s degree in English from BYU and a JD from New York University Law School. After NYU, Robert was an associate in a New York City law firm and now practices entertainment law in Las Vegas, where he represents authors, actors, UFC fighters, and various bands and musicians, including the band Imagine Dragons (whose lead singer, Dan Reynolds, is his younger brother). Robert and his wife, Erica, are the parents of four children.

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By , Submitted on 2019-08-14

Next to the prophetic and powerful discourse on repentance as the transformative metanoeo of our whole being, by our beloved living Prophet, Russell M. Nelson, and the inspiring invitation of an Apostle of the Lord, Dale G. Renlund, to strive to be latter-day tryers instead of latter-day hypocrites who don’t allow others to try and to repent, Robert Reynolds’ book, ‘Unstuck’ has had a most significant and profound impact on my personal understanding of lasting repentance and favorite sins that can only be overcome through a commitment to learn of and experience a mighty change of heart through striving to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit for a lifetime.
I am currently serving as a new Mission President, and I believe this book should be required reading for every young man or young woman who is preparing to serve a full-time mission. In order to effectively teach the fundamental doctrine of Christ to ‘make disciples of all nations,’ young people must first learn to become true disciples themselves by learning to love and live the doctrine of repentance and to see it as a joyful, empowering, and soul-altering process of personal, daily change, as Brother Reynolds so powerfully teaches.
Too often, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ, we lack the courage and the deep understanding of repentance to admit that we are all sinners, having fallen short of the glory of God. But as Brother Reynolds insightfully explains, despite our tendency to use convenient LDS euphemisms like ‘faults and weaknesses’ and ‘shortcomings’ in order to avoid the pharisaic shaming and condemnation that is so common among our peers, we are all still, in fact, just sinners, plain and simple, who need the merciful, loving, almighty Atonement of our patient and encouraging Redeemer, in order to be completely transformed and changed in to new creatures, worthy of the Kingdom of God.
So...please Deseret Book, continue to ‘shout from the rooftops’ and advertise the ongoing relevance and critical importance of this book for young and old, inside and outside of the Church. It contains powerful, true, essential and transformative doctrine of Christ - that continues to be fundamentally misunderstood and underutilized by the vast majority of members of the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

By , Submitted on 2018-05-11

Incredible book. I am on my second time through and am trying to figure out a way to get it to all my children.

I know Rob. This book is the real deal.
By , Submitted on 2017-01-31

I know Rob. I went to law school with him. He is not better than me, or you, or really anyone. And that is why this book is probably the most joyful and insightful LDS book I have ever read. Rob understands how much regular sinners, including him, need to embrace our Savior, and repent - and how much we need to especially be humble enough to recognize our favorite sins, stop rationalizing them, and then start helping others. I have never read a book focused on sin that made be feel so much peace, joy and love. And it is such an easy read, but still so insightful. I read about a chapter a day, and then would think about it for 2 or 3 days before reading another chapter. Makes a great gift as well, especially for the younger crowd that gets tired with people talking down to them.

For the every day Later-Day Saint
By , Submitted on 2016-07-20

The concept of our "favorite sins" is not new. Many years ago in a talk given by John Bytheway entitled, Get an Attitude, I heard him talk about the same idea. I liked it then and I like it now. These inspiring authors provide something for the every day latter-day saint (and friends not of our faith). One may look at books like this and think "I have nothing major to repent of" and therefore wont give the book a second look. However, a book like this is for, "big and small sinners". A book like this teaches us, humbles us and helps us to better understand the sacred gift of the atonement... as it has done for me. And, because we are all sinners in constant need to evaluate ourselves, repent and commit every day to living a more Christ-like life, this book is for all who simply have the desire live a righteous life and to do good continually.

Amazing book on repentance and conversion
By , Submitted on 2016-06-26

One of the best books on repentance. I wish I would have had this book years ago. This books should be given along with the Miracle of Forgiveness.

Great Insight on Eternal Happiness
By , Submitted on 2016-05-22

This book was recomnded to me by my dad who reads these kind of books constantly. My wife and I decided to read Unstuck together and it has been a great experience. We have been able to come closer to each other by gaining a better understanding of the atonement and this change of heart that we are seeking after. Robert really breaks down the understanding of this great change in a way that isn't intimidating and makes it seem like something all of us can achieve. Thanks!

By , Submitted on 2016-05-19

I feel that all of us can identify with and benefit from the personal stories and spiritual wisdom written in this book.The author brings up many interesting points and idea's that I have never thought about or considered before. All of the advice, stories, and scriptures contained in this book gives each and everyone of us hope that we can repent and can be forgiven of our sins. I am looking forward to becoming "Unstuck"..

Love the way this author writes!
By , Submitted on 2016-05-17

I really enjoyed reading this book! I like the way the author writes. He writes in a frank manner that is really easy and enjoyable to read. I like the author's message, I love how he talks about each of us having our "favorite" sins. You know those sins that you secretly don't want to stop doing, even though eventually they're not going to help us get into Heaven. Yep, we all have those! I like that Robert Reynolds is giving us a way to get rid of these sins once and for all.

I liked the way that this book is set up. There are three sections. And total in those three sections are 9 chapters. I love that at the end of each chapter there is a box that includes the key points from that chapter so that you can review what you've just learned.

This is a great book that can help each and everyone of us in our desire to change and be better.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

By , Submitted on 2016-04-19

I ended up loving this book and the principles it discusses. Like most of us, I too have my 'favorite' sins, things that I just keep doing even though I know I shouldn't, but I just don't seem to have the willpower to overcome them on my own. And that is precisely what Reynolds talks about in this book: that all of us have things we struggle to overcome and it's only through the grace and mercy of God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ and the Atonement that we can come off conqueror. The book is divided up into three parts: Sin and Weakness, How to Obtain a Mighty Change of Heart, and How to Maintain a Mighty Change of Heart. The author focuses on how real lasting change has to come from within our hearts, my heart. Not only must change be desired and sought, but given through the Holy Ghost in the form of a change of heart. The change of heart leads us/me to no longer desire to sin which then naturally leads to a change in behavior. Of course, some changes require more effort than others, but a desire to change and a change in feeling will always precede a permanent change in behavior. I found the book inspiring and full of truth and am delighted to recommend it to those like me who get frustrated with repeated mistakes.

Finally empowered to break free!
By , Submitted on 2016-04-06

I've never written a book review before, despite being an avid reader. However, after years of wrestling wth several repetitive sins, "Unstuck" finally gave me the thought process and faith needed to ditch them, once and for all! I absolutely had to leave a review in hopes it sways another to just go for it and purchase this book. Warning: I'm about to get a bit vulnerable in this post!
I have been investigating the LDS church for quite some time, and honestly want to fully commit and be baptized. This has been hindered by an unending cycle of repetitive sin, leading to guilt, shame and frustration--and then usually a lot of doubt about whether "all this" could possibly be true. It's exhausting! I have never been able to fully overcome my coffee habit, give up alcohol, and abstain from empty sexual activity. As a young adult in a big city, the pressures and temptations are everywhere. But before even finishing "Unstuck", I committed, trusted, repented, and gave up ALL of those things. I haven't looked back. This book led me to pray for and receive a "mighty change of heart" and I am so grateful. I now feel worthy, ready and excited to pursue baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

Real world understanding of the atonement
By , Submitted on 2016-03-14

Great book for all sinners (everyone) who has a few favorite sins they are trying to overcome. There is hope in the grace of God. It is fun to read from the perspective of an average member (if you call the manager of a huge rock band "average" - but not a typical church leader). Sometimes we find it hard to believe our leaders face the same amount of temptation or difficulty with sin as the rest of us, but in this case, living in the rock and roll lifestyle, I'm sure the question of level of temptation cannot be questioned.

This is a Life Changing book...i don't say that lightly.
By , Submitted on 2016-03-08

My prayer to my Father in Heaven everyday is " how can i be thy son at the last day and enter in thy kingdom with my whole family?" I Say this little prayer throughout the day to help focus on my primary aim in this life....well as an answer to this prayer the Holy Ghost led me to this book and told me to listen to its words....I learned in life that when you know that the Holy Ghost gives you a prompting....follow it as fast as you can because you will learn something very important about Heavenly Father and the Savior.....and boy was I glad that I obeyed his Voice...I bought the audiobook on mp3 yesterday and listened to the entire book the same day...as I was listening to it the Spirit testified so strongly to my soul of the principals that I was hearing....there were many times that My eyes would tear up and I felt a burning in my heart as the author was explaining something or giving examples from his life to teach the things which he learned about the atonement and plan of happiness.

I also learned that we can not overcome our weaknesses and our repetitive sins by ourselves....which i kind of always intellectually knew but now with the authors help I totally understand why with my spiritual understanding . If that makes sense.

I couldn't stop listening to this book and that in of itself was a gift from God because I usually cant finish reading a book or listening to a book in less then a week.

This book has taught me what I need to do to become a Son of God at the last day and to enter into the Kingdom of God with my Family.It is that powerful. The power of it comes from its simplicity.

I never wrote a book review on this site and this is the first book I Bought in a long time....but it inspired me so much that I had to leave a review....thank you Robert for listening to the Holy Ghost and writing this book in such a way that was so captivating and easy to understand....you did a great job....I can honestly say that this book will change my life and the life of my children because i now have a plan and I have a tool to help me explain to my children how the atonement operates in our lives.

Just what I needed
By , Submitted on 2016-02-24

I loved this book! (Which is saying something considering how I generally feel about non-fiction reads.) If I read a non-fiction it's normally, "Oh, that was good, but..." However, this book was exciting to me. I would read a section and go find my husband and excitedly tell him all about it. I've even brought it up in my book club and tried to explain it.

I like that it just made sense. It was laid out in a way that wasn't pretentious, that wasn't "look how much I know", it was down to earth and real. One example in particular had me in tears because of how I could relate, and the hope that it brought to me. Most importantly, it made me excited to start working on some things. It's kind of fun too, that while reading the scriptures I found verses that would coincide with the chapter that I was reading.

My copy is completely marked up and highlighted, and I can't wait to pass it on to family and friends so we can all talk about it after they've read it. I intended to have some quotations from the book in my review that I really enjoyed, but there were just too many of them to chose from.

I really wish I had the words to express exactly why I liked this book, but since that isn't my strongest suit I'll just say that I will probably re-read this and that is the highest recommendation I can give it, especially considering I don't ever re-read non-fiction.

*I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Makes you think
By , Submitted on 2016-02-24

I love reading fiction, and if I had to guess I'd say well over 90% of my reading time is spent there. It has always been my preference, even though for years I've thought I really should broaden my horizons. I've given efforts here and there, but being entertained often wins out over *gasp* learning. However, when I was given the opportunity to review Unstuck the pitch struck a chord, and I decided to give it a try.

I was expecting it to be full of experiences from the entertainment industry, and while it does have some of that (along with other experiences from the author's life) it wasn't quite what I expected.

That said, Unstuck is the kind of book that makes you think. The real life examples the author used were probably my favorite parts, but there is a lot more to the book. I'm not sure how many years it has been since I pulled out a highlighter and marked up a book, but my copy of Unstuck is no longer pristine. And maybe that is fitting given the topic. We are all sinners. None of us are "pristine" anymore. And the only way to get back to our Father in Heaven is to take advantage of the Savior's Atonement. We need His help daily to get past our sins. We have to want to overcome them. I love the part that says, " . . . the Atonement wasn't intended for me to simply repent over and over for the same sins but instead to remove my very desire to commit sin." Being able to remove a desire is so appealing. We all have our vices, but none of us have to be stuck.

I'm not a fast non-fiction reader, and it took me several weeks to read this book. I'd read a few pages here and there. But once I buckled down, I read the last half of the book in an evening (highlighter in hand). I'm not sure if I'll re-read the book in its entirety, but I can definitely see myself re-visiting the Key Points at the end of each chapter (and my highlighted sections).

One of the best audiobooks
By , Submitted on 2016-02-23

This book is a gem! I enjoyed the audiobook so much that I'm ordering a hardcover copy. Thank you Mr Reynolds for your work. Every chapter was brilliantly written ....(and to me .....he came across humble and kind). This book was everything I had needed to hear as someone who struggles with self control.
I hope to see more from this author in the future.

Vital, Real, Practical, True Doctrine
By , Submitted on 2016-02-10

I love the author's realistic and practical approach. He is blunt, honest, straightforward, and doctrinally 100% on the sure foundation of Christ's gospel. This book has changed how I look at my own attitudes and choices. I have more hope that I can actually receive that gift of a change of heart I have been seeking. Thank you for writing this book.

Good authorship with many examples of real life
By , Submitted on 2016-02-09

Read "Unstuck" and was impressed with the clarity of the relevant message to all of us. Good authorship with many examples of real life; though, my favorite is the author's brother's letter of January 21st when he was dealing with shingles. This book will change lives for the better.

I can relate
By , Submitted on 2016-01-27

This book was easy to read. Reynolds approaches the difficult subject of repeated sin with a down to earth attitude that seems hopeful, not overwhelming. It makes real change seem possible. My teenage daughter flew through it. I highly recommend it.

Perfect, quick read
By , Submitted on 2016-01-25

I loved listening to the mp3 version of this book! Robert Reynolds narrates the book which made it feel so much more powerful. He does a fantastic job explaining how we as normal human beings can repent and use the atonement in our everyday lives. I loved his perspective of the atonement and the accounts he had to share from his life.

A Must Read!
By , Submitted on 2016-01-18

This is, hands down, the best book I've read in many, many, years. If you are a sinner, and we all are, this book will change your life! The simple, honest, and engaging manner the author uses to treat the subject of "our favorite sins" and how we can learn to trust the Savior to change our heart is so compelling it left me almost giddy with hope that I too can become unstuck from my favorite sins. This book finally helped me understand how I can truly "let go and let God". The examples the author uses from the scriptures and his own life are highly relatable, for youth as well as adults. Highly, highly, highly recommended!

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