Rescued: A Prodigal's Journey Home

by Jerry Earl Johnston

Rescued: A Prodigal's Journey Home

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"This is a book you will read once—all at once—in one sitting."
—James L. Ferrell, author of The Peacegiver

From beloved Deseret News columnist Jerry Johnston comes this intimate and inspirational true narrative of adversity and redemption. Allowing readers to glimpse behind the curtain of his private life, Jerry recounts a time of deep personal challenge when his heart hardened and his thoughts darkened—a time when, losing all bearings, he turned from his faith. Although he is a man of achievement, his story is rather a story of God’s achievement—how the Lord healed one man’s broken heart and restored it to hope, and how He will do the same for each of us. Jerry’s tender confession of his human struggles points us to Christ and creates a poignant tale of the only kind of success that really matters. Difficult to put down and impossible to forget, Rescued will inspire you to live better—more honestly, more joyfully, more contentedly—and to trust in the never-failing arm of the One who never gives up.

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About the Author

Jerry Earl Johnston

Jerry Earl Johnston won a writing competition in first grade and has never kicked the habit. He has been with the Deseret News for more than thirty years and currently writes a weekly column. He has won awards from The Reader's Digest and the Society of Professional Journalists and is a two-time winner of the national Wilbur Award for religious columns. The Deseret News has honored him twice with the Mark E. Petersen Excellence in Writing Award.

He and his wife, Carol, have a blended family of five children and fifteen grandchildren. They live in Brigham City, where Jerry serves in the bishopric of the Brigham City Fifth Ward.

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