Return unto Me

by Kerry Muhlestein

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We know the power of God’s love is eternal and all encompassing—but how can God truly love the sinner? The temptations of the world are powerful, and the inevitability that we will all make mistakes is sure—yet the truth of God’s love for His children remains unchanged. No matter how often His sheep stray from the flock, God is waiting with open arms to receive them back—a fact powerfully evidenced in the pages of the Old Testament. Replete with tales of individuals making and overcoming mistakes, this sacred book of scripture demonstrates the reality that God never stops loving His children. In Return unto Me, BYU professor Dr. Kerry Muhlestein encourages readers to discover the eternal principles hidden in the pages of the Old Testament and come to understand this important truth: our Father in Heaven is a God of love, and He will patiently guide His lost sheep back into the fold. Listen to His pleading voice, feel His guiding hand, and return unto Him

About the Author

Kerry Muhlestein

Kerry Muhlestein is a professor of ancient scripture and director of the BYU Egypt Excavation Project. Kerry received his BS from BYU in psychology with a Hebrew minor. he received an MA in ancient Near Eastern studies from BYU and a PhD from UCLA in Egyptology.

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This book really helped me connect to the messages of the Old Testament
By , Submitted on 2018-01-21

Several years ago when I was teaching Old Testament in Gospel Doctrine classes at church I went looking for some books to help me better understand it. This one was of the books I read and absolutely loved. There are so many examples in this book of God's love and mercy towards all His children. The author really brings home the point that no matter how wicked his covenant people became, God's message was the same, "Return unto Me". It made me realize that very little that most of us do wrong could ever compare with some of the awful things that God's children have done in the past, and He constantly forgave them and encouraged them to repent and return to Him. This book helped me and I hope my class make more of a personal connection with the teachings found in the Old Testament.

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