by Allyson B. Condie

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Addie Sherman isn’t popular, she’s not exuberant, and she’s not known as the class clown. She’s just Addie, a high school junior who is convinced that she has nothing in common with the rest of her outgoing family, including her brother Dave. When Dave’s wife, Avery, needs help during a difficult pregnancy, Dave calls on Addie. Addie has to hide her resentment over having to help her sister- in- law when there are plenty of things going on in her own life that need her attention.

Sam Choi is one of Addie’s best friends, and he has a few secrets of his own. He doesn’t want to go on a mission, and he’s not sure how to break the news to his parents.

Cate Giovanni is a freshman in college, and enjoying the chance to reinvent herself and leave her high school years behind. As she makes new friends and encounters new people, she also can’t help but think about someone she left behind.

Reunion, the final book in the Yearbook trilogy, is a novel about the journeys home that become possible after you’ve discovered more about yourself.

About the Author

Allyson B. Condie

Allyson Braithwaite Condie taught high school English in Utah and in upstate New York. Currently, she is employed by her two little boys, who keep her busy playing trucks and building blocks. She enjoys running with her husband, Scott, listening to Neil Diamond (really!), reading, traveling, and eating. She lives with her family in Ithaca, New York.

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Another great book from a talented author.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Reunion is the perfect conclusion to the Yearbook trilogy! Condie allows us to truly see a reunion of the characters that we became attached to in Yearbook while introducing fresh characters and voices. Readers will immediately love Addie and Sam, who are welcome additions to the Yearbook character family. As in the other books, Condie blends lighthearted high school fun with thoughtful, touching storylines. I highly recommend all three books in this series- Yearbook, First Day, and Reunion- not only for young adults, but for adults as well.

Great Conclusion
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

After finishing First Day, I could hardly wait to see what was happening in Reunion. I was not disappointed. I liked how Condie brings in different characters who are at different points in their life journey, battling complicated and delicate issues and just trying to do what is right for those they love and themselves. I think the complications of high school dating are captured perfectly in this book, keeping it realistic and reminding those not currently in the dating scene how grateful we are to have moved on and recalling some of those emotions to allow for sympathy when dealing with youth who are struggling.

I felt like, in getting to know the parents, they weren't the Leave It to Beaver parents who always knew what to do with their children, even if they were experienced parents, that marriages weren't portrayed as always being easy, when everyone just loves everyone, etc. I enjoyed getting to know more about Avery and Addie and felt that it was a perfect conclusion for a highly enjoyable series.

And the last reunion is hands down the best of all.

Great read; satisfying ending to trilogy
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Overall, "Reunion" is a great read. Condie does an admirable job of developing new characters while still letting us keep up with the characters we love. The segments on Addie Sherman and Sam Choi are probably the best developed. Both characters delve into issues and solve problems in a realistic way. While the segments on Cate Giovanni are enjoyable to read and Condie touches on some important themes, the discussion on these points doesn't go far beneath the surface.

What Condie does best is let us see life through the lense of a high-school/college student. She does a great job making the characters seem real and involving us in their struggles. I learned a lot just by watching them learn, and I highly recommend this book. All in all, a very satisfying ending to this trilogy.

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