Ring of Remaliha

by Melanie Mason

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When Egyptologist April Tanner is asked to translate the hieroglyphs on an ancient ring, she is unwittingly drawn into a world of danger and intrigue. Her colleague, Dr. Peter Scherril, believes the glyphs will lead to a treasure hidden nearly two thousand years ago by an Egyptian named Remaliha. The problem is the glyphs don’t make sense.

A week after Peter is killed in a suspicious car crash, the ring shows up in April’s mail. She vows to decipher the artifact’s code and figure out why someone wanted Peter dead. Her inquisitions put her in the path of dashing archaeologist Nathan Hayes and his mysterious friend James Reddingham. Nathan invites April to join his expedition near Luxor.

Once she arrives in Egypt, April aggressively pursues her investigation of the ring. But soon she suspects the motives of both Nathan and James and finds herself dodging thieves and assassins at every turn. In the end, uncovering the secrets of the ring could lead to Remaliha’s treasure . . . or April’s own tomb.

Editorial Reviews

Melanie Mason has done it again! The Ring of Remaliha is an exciting read full of twists and surprises. The heroine is strong and the ending is unexpected, yet satisfying. I found myself reading ahead to see what would happen next. —Michelle Wilson, author

Just when you think you know what’s going on, there are twists that keep you enthralled to the very end. Excellent read. —Amy W.

The Ring of Remaliha is an engaging story that captivated my attention from beginning to end. Melanie Mason retained the mystery and intrigue of the story with relatable characters that thrive in extraordinary situations. —Dawn Rochel

About the Author

Melanie Mason

MELANIE MASON has told stories all her life and finds her passion in writing. She graduated from Utah State University with a degree in communications. She won first place in the Beginning of Book Contest for Young Adult Fiction at the American Night Writers Association 2014 conference, and she is the editor of ANWA's monthly newsletter. Melanie has published several articles and stories that are featured on HubPages.com. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where the beauty of the Pacific Northwest feeds her imagination.

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An adventure to see Remaliha
By , Submitted on 2017-02-14

In one word....adventure! This book will take you to places only your imagination can be pleased. Consuming chapter after chapter of detailed scenes of the journey to find....well, only the Ring of Remaliha can get you there. I enjoyed the adventure that the author takes you on. Within each descriptive sentence I found myself pulled into this book and engaging with the characters. Thank you Melanie Mason for creating such a captivating book.

An on-the-edge-of-your-seat adventure!
By , Submitted on 2016-02-02

When the book you’re reading begins with the heroine receiving an ancient Egyptian ring in the mail from her recently deceased boyfriend with his dying request for her to solve its mystery, you know you’re in for an on-the-edge-of-your seat experience . . . and indeed it was! Melanie Mason takes us on an Indian Jones-like experience following April Tanner—an independently strong woman and famed Egyptologist—as she unravels the mystery of Remaliha’s treasure. Mason parallels the twists and turns of this treasure hunt with April’s personal inner journey of healing and finding the courage to trust again. Mason does a wonderful job of weaving Egyptian history with a fast-paced adventure—my favorite combination of learning through storytelling. Will April solve the mystery? Will she find the treasure? And at what cost? These are all questions that keep the pages turning and this reader happy. Thank you, Melanie, for a great adventure!

By , Submitted on 2015-09-29

I so LOVED this story!

Archaeological digs, ancient ring, hidden clues, unsolved codes, treasure, conspiracy, travel, secrets...It's all here!

Strong female character and an exotic location make this a very fun read!

Your heart will pound as you watch April get in and out of trouble, trust and then get betrayed, and ultimately solve the mystery--

Grab a copy of this one for the upcoming weekend!

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