Rough Start, Great Finish

by John Bytheway

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The scriptures repeatedly show that you have to go through the wilderness to get to the promised land. It was true for Lehi and his family, and it's true in our personal lives. Many people who had a rough beginning end up having a great finish. (For example, which current member of the Quorum of the Twelve struggled so badly in arithmetic that on one occasion classmates threw rocks at him and called him "stupid?" You'll have to listen to find out!)

Using true examples from the lives of well-known individuals, this motivating presentation shows that your current problems will not prevent your future success. In fact, your current problems may prepare you for your future success!

About the Author

John Bytheway

John Bytheway served a mission to the Philippines and later graduated from Brigham Young University. He has a master's degree in religious education and is a part-time instructor at the BYU Salt Lake Center. John is the author of many bestselling books, audio talks, and DVDs, including How to Be an Extraordinary Teen; Life Rocks; and his first children's picture book, The Sacrament. He and his wife, Kimberly, have six children.

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Dont Give up!
By , Submitted on 2018-07-13

What a wonderful book! And honestly, I have yet to read/ listen to a book from this author that I didnt like! He uses great examples of those who have had so many trials to over come and what the trials helped them become. This book gives you courage to keep going, to keep trying and to learn from the hard times. Awesome book! Everyone should read or listen to it.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This talk taught me a lot! It doesn't matter where you started but how you finish! Never use excuses, but become a better you! Everyone should listen to this talk.

Life's challenges are easier to accept with the help of the scriptures and prophets.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Once again John Bytheway has made it easy for the youth of the church and youth leaders to learn how to deal with life's everyday challenges. With examples from the scriptures and modern day prophets he helps all of us accept what we have been given as challenges to make us better.John stll can make us laugh with some new jokes and stories. Please keep giving us new talks to use in our callings as parents and youth leaders.

Laugh and learn how to avoid the "Rough Start, Give Up" mentality
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The title of this CD instantly attracted my attention. I thought it sounded like a four-word description of what I hope my life will be. Brother Bytheway acknowledges that the 'rough starts' experienced in life can come from our own mistakes, while some obstacles are the results of others' poor choices or happenstance. Remembering that there is a divine and eternal purpose in our struggles here on earth is a key to avoiding the 'Rough Start, Give Up' mentality. Brother Bytheway delivers his important message with a continual thread of humor woven throughout. He shares his personal trials as a teenager and college student which illustrate common feelings we can all have as human beings when we are frustrated. With stories from apostles like Boyd K. Packer and Dallin H. Oaks, Brother Bytheway points out what it takes to triumph over adversities which come our way. One-liners I took away are, 'you can be bitter or better' and 'the stuff of growth is never made of ease.' He shares poignant examples including Helen Keller, Joseph Smith and of course our Savior. His stories of a gold medalist and recovering adults who were abused as children will stay with the listener long after the first playing of the CD. After spending some time less active, it has been very reaffirming to return to activity and be embraced with callings and experience mini miracles and blessings through obedience. I wish I could have heard this CD when I was in my twenties - maybe I could have avoided some pitfalls.

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