Roughing It Easy at Girls Camp

by Dian Thomas


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Dian Thomas offers an all-in-one manual that teaches readers what they need to know about cooking, backpacking, winter camping, and more. There are chapters on equipment and supplies, how to prepare and organize a campsite, and a primer on the basics of fire building that will give novice campers a dose of expert confidence. A section on meal planning includes shopping lists, cooking charts, and mouthwatering recipes. You'll learn how to cook a meal without a fire and find clever cooking methods and fun ideas such as Ball Toss Ice Cream that involves girls in food preparation and teaches valuable outdoor cooking skills.

Includes numerous checklists, helpful charts, and expert tips for planning and organization. In Roughing It Easy at Girls Camp, you'll learn everything you need to “rough it” at Girls Camp and have a good time in the process.

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